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Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2001 AutoZen

Pop 94.21
Vit 1.80

AutoZen is a software "brain machine" for Linux. It generates sounds that are meant to cause the brain to temporarily shift to a different dominant frequency and cause the user to experience an altered state of consciousness.

Download Website Updated 02 Nov 2001 Smurf SoundFont Editor

Pop 42.85
Vit 3.90

Smurf is a GTK-based SoundFont editor. SoundFont files are a collection of audio samples and other data that describe instruments for the purpose of composing music. SoundFont files do not describe the music itself, but rather the sounds of the instruments. These instruments can be composed of any digitally recordable or generated sound. This format provides a portable and flexible sound synthesis environment that can be supported in hardware or software. Note that Swami is the successor to Smurf and is an entire object-oriented rewrite of it.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 SpiralSynth

Pop 53.79
Vit 2.87

Spiral Synth is a physically modelled polyphonic analogue synthesizer. It is capable of creating the kind of sounds made by hardware analogue synths, the noises used in electronic music. You can also use it to make stranger sounds too. MIDI is supported, and it uses the standard OSS/Free sound output (/dev/dsp).

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2004 SpiralSynthModular

Pop 82.02
Vit 4.06

SpiralSynth Modular (or SSM) is an object orientated modular softsynth / sequencer / sampler. Audio or control data can be freely passed between the plugins, and is all treated the same. Data can also be fed back on itself for chaotic effects. LADSPA plugins are supported, and you can use them in the same way as any of the native plugins. Not having MIDI won't restrict what you can do. It currently uses the standard OSS/Free sound input/output (/dev/dsp), and should work on ALSA too. You can also render WAV files directly to disk.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2008 GNU GTick

Pop 100.22
Vit 7.82

GNU GTick is a metronome application. It features a scale from 10 beats per minute to 1000 BPM and arbitrary beat modes (meters). It uses GTK+2 and OSS.

No download Website Updated 13 Jan 2008 ptheremin

Pop 19.80
Vit 1.42

ptheremin is a software-based audio synthesizer that simulates the Theremin instrument. It can also play discrete notes as if it had virtual "frets". The generated audio can optionally be saved off as a WAVE file.


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A simple-to-use soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing.


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Devel Live CD

A Live CD to compile programs.