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No download No website Updated 25 Jan 2010 Chief Database

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Chief Database records time series data in real time. Data is compressed to reduce disk requirements and improve performance. Redo logging and caching provide high performance on minimal hardware, with minimal data loss in the event of hardware failure. 1 million coordinates can be processed per second on server-level hardware. All interfaces are SOAP; allowing for easy integration with other systems and Web sites. Data is usually from a telemetered resource, but can also come from SNMP. Chief Trends allows for trending data inside Firefox. Chief Calculator is a Perl calculation engine to manipulate the data in whatever way you want.

Download Website Updated 08 Nov 2009 SOAPjs

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SOAPjs parses WSDL files and creates methods so that SOAP calls are made in a way that is very similar to normal local calls. This is a rewrite of soapclient.js.

No download Website Updated 15 Jul 2009 pSOAPjr

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pSOAPjr is a PHP library that provides basic utilities for processing SOAPjr requests and responses.


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An easy database query library.


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An ASP.NET MVC tag library with social media widgets.