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Download Website Updated 02 May 2001 Webber

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Vit 1.80

Webber is a tool for harmonizing and providing metadata for Web content. Originally conceived as an HTML preprocessor, it has evolved to an environment for producing and maintaining the contents and metadata of Web pages. It processes a set of source files to produce the final version of Web pages off-line, according to user specifications.

No download Website Updated 17 Jun 1998 webcrawl

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webcrawl is a program which downloads entire web sites, following links in HTML documents.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2001 webEditor

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webEditor is a Web application that manages the content of a news-based Web site (that is, a CMS). It's based on Cocoon, the Apache XML Web publishing system, and Apache/ApacheJServ as the Webserver/Servlet platform.

Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2003 WebMake

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WebMake is a simple Web site management system, allowing an entire site to be created from an optional set of text and markup files and one WebMake file. It requires no dynamic scripting capabilities on the server, and can be run entirely offline. It allows the separation of responsibilities between content editors, page designers, and the site architect. Only the site architect needs to edit the WebMake file itself, or know Perl or WebMake code. Perl scripts can be embedded and executed to build pages. Automatic dependency tracking means that pages will not be rebuilt unless necessary. Metadata support means that indexes etc. can be built automatically.

No download Website Updated 27 Nov 2001 NIST Web Metrics Testbed

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The objective of the NIST Web Metrics Testbed is to explore the feasibility of a range of tools and techniques that support rapid, remote, and automated testing and evaluation of website usability. There are currently six components: 1. Web Static Analyzer Tool (WebSAT): checks web page HTML against typical usability guidelines. 2. Web Category Analysis Tool (WebCAT): lets the usability engineer construct and conduct a web category analysis (card-sorting). 3. Web Variable Instrumenter Program (WebVIP): instruments a website to capture a log of user interaction. 4. Framework for Logging Usability Data (FLUD): a file format and parser for representation of user interaction logs (such as those captured by WebVIP). 5. VisVIP Tool: produces a 3D visualization of user navigation paths through a website, based on FLUD data. 6. TreeDec: adds navigation aids to the pages of a website.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2013 Website META Language

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Vit 17.51

WML is a free and extensible Webdesigner's off-line HTML generation toolkit for Unix. It consists of a control frontend driving up to nine backends in a sequential pass-oriented filtering scheme. Each backend provides one particular core language. For maximum power, WML additionally ships with a well-suited set of include files, which provide higher-level features built on top of the backends core languages. While not trivial and idiot proof, WML provides most of the core features real hackers always wanted for HTML generation.

No download Website Updated 18 Jun 2001 WebWader

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Vit 2.92

WebWader is a tool to automatically and thoroughly browse a Web site. In a first stage, it scans the pages stored in the site, building a tree of HTML pages. Then this tree is traversed automatically and each page is displayed by a browser. This application is especially useful for Webmasters who want to redesign a site without risking to forget one or more files in a complex hierarchy.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2001 WebWarper Site Optimizer

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Vit 3.14

WebWarper Site Optimizer aims to reduce the download time and data rate of the pages of your Web site via automatic dynamic compression of all Web pages using gzip. Compression speed is about 200-500 Kb/sec on Pentium-500 and tends to compress by 2-10 times. As most machines are bandwidth limited, not CPU limited, the decompression cost is amortized through the increased transfer rate. WebWarper Pro does not require any special software. It works on both Apache and MS IIS.

No download Website Updated 24 May 2001 WorldWide Web Performance Monitoring

Pop 24.98
Vit 3.15

WorldWide Web Performance Monitoring (webperf) is designed to help Webmasters monitor the time it takes to download URLs from various spots on the Web. The goal is to provide a set of tools which can be deployed easily to volunteer monitoring stations around the world.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2004 WPP

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WPP is a small perl5 script that allows preprocessing of HTML files. It allows you to define "variables", which are brief abbreviations for longer constructs, and include common HTML fragments. It's useful for giving a uniform layout to different HTML pages. It can be used in cgi-bin programs for automatic generation of pages. With less HTML code inside you can make more flexible cgi-scripts.


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