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No download Website Updated 19 Jan 2007 ACT-RBOT + MRS

Pop 30.90
Vit 2.05

ACT-RBOT + MRS is a cognitive agent-based social simulation toolkit (RBOT+MRS) and production system based on ACT-R for modelling single actor cognitive experiments (RBOT) and multiple actors in a simulated (semiotic) world (RBOT + MRS).

No download Website Updated 15 Jan 2007 Live Poker

Pop 34.60
Vit 5.26

Live Poker is an OpenGL-based multiplayer poker client. Its features include customizable 3D characters, professional character voices, in-room chat, an integrated private chat system, advanced actions for speedy game play, and all the classic poker games (e.g. Hold 'em, Omaha, and Hi-Low). Native clients are available for Mac OS X 10.3-10.4 and Windows.

No download Website Updated 17 Dec 2006 Space Commander

Pop 15.97
Vit 1.00

Space Commander is a game that aims to be similar to Elite and Privateer, with maybe a bit of Trade Wars thrown in. It is a remarkably functional space simulation with under 200 lines of code in the main file.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2006 Java Lemonade Stand

Pop 14.21
Vit 1.85

Java Lemonade Stand is a Swing-based Applet and desktop simulation of a lemonade stand. Users make choices regarding the amount and type of lemonade to prepare each day, the price to charge, and the amount of advertising to purchase. The weather and random events will impact your sales.

Download Website Updated 29 Nov 2006 Atlas for FlightGear

Pop 58.92
Vit 2.08

Atlas aims to provide high quality maps of the world for use in FlightGear, an open source flight simulator.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2006 crashtest

Pop 30.98
Vit 1.00

Crashtest simulates car crashes. This is an educational tool that can be used to acquire much insight into this complex process. The user can learn about the relation between speed and stopping distance. Also, many physical properties can be studied.

No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2006 JLink Game

Pop 20.25
Vit 52.90

JLink Game is a clone of the popluar hacking-game Uplink from Introversion with multiplayer support.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2006 Mars MOLA Viewer

Pop 62.94
Vit 2.30

Mars MOLA Viewer displays a fly-over rendering of the Martian surface, as measured by the Mars Global Surveyor, in real-time 3D animation. It downloads the Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter topographic data files and uses them to drive the rendering. The user controls the position and the angle of the camera, and can move seamlessly over the entire Martian surface from -88 to 88 degrees latitude. It is a Java Web Start program with 1-click installation from your browser (depending on platform/browser).

Download Website Updated 22 Jul 2006 GalaxyHack

Pop 110.76
Vit 5.67

GalaxyHack allows you to design a fleet of spaceships which can then be tested in AI script based battles against fleets designed by other players. Though battles take place in real time, the strategy comes beforehand, both in writing short AI scripts in an easy-to-use proprietary scripting language, and also in the set up and selection of your forces.

No download Website Updated 30 Jun 2006 The Golly Game of Life Simulator

Pop 36.06
Vit 1.48

Golly is a new implementation of John Conway's Game of Life for the Mac, PC, and X11, with an unbounded universe capable of running patterns faster and further than ever before.


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Develop hybrid intelligent software agents and agent applications in Java.


Project Spotlight

Monkey HTTP Daemon

A small, powerful, and really fast Web server for Linux.