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Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2011 mtgox_api

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mtgox_api is a Python implementation of the Mt Gox Bitcoin Exchange trading API. It supports the most recent version of the Mt Gox API.

Download No website Updated 28 Feb 2012 EpubCompiler

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EpubCompiler prepares an Epub structure from a series of textile files and builds the ebook. It use epubcheck to validate (this requires JVM).

Download Website Updated 12 Aug 2013 QuickQWERTY

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QuickQWERTY is a touch typing tutor. It can be used to train your fingers to type without looking at the keys. After completing all the units available in this software, the student would know the location of the keys on the keyboard through muscle memory, and would be able to effortlessly use the right finger for each key.


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An automation tool for non-experts.


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A suite of addons for Nagios.