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Download Website Updated 14 May 2003 VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase

Pop 8.72
Vit 1.00

VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase is a lightweight database driver that provides fast access between Borland applications and Sybase database using new dbExpress technologies. It features high-speed operation, a simple and quick install driver, and minimal driver size and system resource usage.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2009 VanDyke ClientPack

Pop 23.98
Vit 1.49

VanDyke ClientPack is a set of commandline utilities for securely automating file transfer, shell, and public-key administration tasks on Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms. It includes vsftp, an interactive SFTP commandline utility providing quick, easy, and secure file transfer operations, vsh, a commandline shell utility, vcp, a commandline file transfer utility, vkeygen, a public/private key generator utility, and vpka, a commandline tool for uploading keys to a Secure Shell server.

Download Website Updated 21 Jul 2003 VersaForward Email Forwarder

Pop 20.12
Vit 1.00

VersaForward forwards important email your to cell phone, pager, or email account. Optional Advanced Text Reduction gives you 20-30% more of your messages when forwarding to text-constrained devices. It bounces email, retaining the correct From, To, and CC email lists so you can reply quickly to forwarded messages. It supports multiple accounts and Forward To's, message filtering (white list and black list), scheduling, IMAP and POP, secure (SSL) connections, and proxy support. Versions are available for any Java-enabled OS.

Download No website Updated 13 May 2014 Vicomsoft FTP Client

Pop 44.93
Vit 10.67

Vicomsoft FTP Client is a robust, powerful, and easy-to-use FTP client. It uses many elements of the Mac OS X interface, including Toolbars, drawers, and live resizing.

No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2005 ViewIt

Pop 21.82
Vit 1.53

ViewIt is a fast and easy to use image viewer that supports most popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, raw, dng, and more. Important features include a unique, intuitive interface, fullscreen mode, quick image sorting, printing, digital camera support, and EXIF tags. It currently includes plugins to convert file formats, create Web pages, create Finder previews, lose less JPEG transformations, support shell scripts, rename images sequentially, create contact sheets, and email images.

Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2003 Viewtier Devenv

Pop 9.17
Vit 63.04

Devenv is a simple yet powerful commandline utility that allows software development teams to set and validate their common development environment. Common development environment is a set of directories, files, and shell variables that must exist and must be valid for every member of engineering team. An established common development environment allows reproducible builds, which is a key to successful delivery of a software project.

No download No website Updated 07 Sep 2002 WaveToMidi

Pop 45.35
Vit 1.42

WaveToMidi gets input from an audio, wave, MP3, microphone, or instrument input, recognizes the musical notes on the source audio, and saves it to a destination MIDI file. It recognizes polyphonic sound, from any instrument and different simultaneous instruments.

Download No website Updated 23 Apr 2012 Web Help Desk

Pop 119.29
Vit 8.10

The Web Help Desk is customizable cross-platform help desk software. It includes an iPhone app, email-to-ticket conversion, LDAP and Active Directory integration, trouble ticket email notifications, support for billable hours, a self-service knowledge base, asset management components, and much more. It has permissions-based access, including a customer service Web portal, help desk technicians, and help desk administrators.

No download Website Updated 14 Sep 2009 Web2 Delight

Pop 22.18
Vit 1.58

Web2 Delight allows you to locate, view, and transfer your favorite videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, and blip.tv, and photos from Flickr, Picasa, Webshots, and Photobucket to your iPods and iPhones. It also allows you to organize the videos and photos into custom collections, export videos to different formats, create slideshows, and burn the collections to CD/DVD. Web2 Delight can locate your favorite videos and photos with its search feature and then preview them. The videos are automatically converted to the iTunes compatible format.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 WebBBS

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Vit 1.00

WebBBS is a Web-based bulletin board. Unlike most other such boards, though, it stores messages as simple text files and creates HTML pages on the fly, meaning that the message index can be tailored by the user based on date and/or subject and can be viewed as threaded, chronological, or guestbook-style lists. It also supports automatic quoting of message text and e-mail notification of those who want to know immediately when a new message has been posted, and offers an archive-only option, the ability to run moderated boards, and cookie support.


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A high-level scripting language.


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A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.