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Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2003 tarmill

Pop 35.78
Vit 1.00

tarmill compresses and encrypts tar archives, and is designed for use in backup scripts. Unlike most other solutions, each archive member is handled separately, so damage in the middle of the archive does not render the rest of the archive unusable; it is possible to resume at the next readable member header. Compressed and encrypted archives remain valid tar files, so any well-behaved tar implementation will be able to list (but not extract) them.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2005 tcpick

Pop 70.01
Vit 2.98

tcpick is a textmode sniffer that can track TCP streams and saves the data captured in files or displays them in the terminal. It is useful for picking files in a passive way. It can store all connections in different files, or it can display all the stream on the terminal (using colors too).

Download No website Updated 02 Nov 2010 te-edu Password Meter

Pop 14.04
Vit 35.56

The te-edu Password Meter class can be used to check whether a password is strong enough to not be guessed easily. It can perform several tests on a given password string to compute a score that represents the strength of a password. Password checking is based on brute force attack class A and considers 10 million password checks in one minute. It checks characters, character pairs, repeated characters, time needed to be discovered, character standard entropy, etc.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2003 the Anomy mail sanitizer

Pop 125.46
Vit 6.11

The Anomy mail sanitizer is a filter designed to block email-based security risks, such as trojans and viruses. It can scan an arbitrarily complex RFC822 or MIME message and remove or rename attachments, truncate unusually long MIME header fields and sanitize HTML by disabling Javascript, etc. It uses a single-pass pure Perl MIME parser, which can make it both more efficient and more precise than other similar programs. The sanitizer has built-in support for third-party virus scanners.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2002 theWall

Pop 28.86
Vit 1.76

theWall is a single floppy firewall and NAT box based on PicoBSD/FreeBSD. The primary aim is to allow a small network to share a cable modem or DSL Internet connection. It currently supports static, DHCP, or PPPoE IP address assignment.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2013 tinc

Pop 389.47
Vit 32.31

tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunneling and encryption to create a secure private network between multiple hosts on the Internet. This tunneling allows VPN sites to share information with each other over the Internet without exposing any information.

No download Website Updated 11 Aug 2004 tinysofa classic server

Pop 26.06
Vit 1.00

tinysofa classic server is a small, fast and secure operating system. It is Linux 2.4 based, and is compiled with IBM's stack smashing protection patch for GCC. It features a small installation size, APT as an advanced package management tool, secure defaults and services, and much more.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2006 tkccrypt

Pop 27.50
Vit 1.00

tkccrypt is a small text file editor frontend for Peter Selinger's ccrypt written in basic Tcl/Tk. The program allows opening and storing only encrypted files, and it guarantees that the decrypted content is never written to disk. Its target audience is made up of users who don't feel confident using a console encryption tool, but need encryption for some text data. The dependency only on ccrypt and Tcl/Tk makes this program very easy to run on many Unix systems.

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2008 tmin

Pop 17.78
Vit 1.43

tmin is a quick and simple tool to minimize the size and syntax of complex test cases in automated security testing. It is meant specifically for dealing with unknown or complex data formats (without the need to tokenize and re-serialize testcases), and for easy integration with UI testing harnesses.

No download Website Updated 21 Aug 2011 tomld

Pop 12.77
Vit 31.19

Tomld (tomoyo learning daemon) is an extension to the Tomoyo security framework. Tomoyo increases security by confining applications and services into domains using rules. Tomld automates this process, helping users harden their systems more easily. To do this, tomld starts in learning mode, creates Tomoyo domains, collects rules, changes them, and, once the rules appear to be complete, tomld enforces the policy.


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