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Download Website Updated 20 Dec 2009 pam_tacplus

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pam_tacplus is used to provide AAA protocol services against a TACACS+ server. This module is an attempt to provide most useful parts of TACACS+ functionality to applications using the PAM interface on Linux.

Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2013 AIDE

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AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment) is a file and directory integrity checker. It creates a database from the regular expression rules that it finds from the config file. Once this database is initialized it can be used to verify the integrity of the files. Several message digest algorithms are used. All of the usual file attributes can also be checked for inconsistencies.

Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2003 TARA

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Tiger Analytical Research Assistant (TARA) is an upgrade to the TAMU 'tiger' program. tiger is a set of scripts that scan a Unix system looking for security problems, in the same fashion as Dan Farmer's COPS. Since 'tiger' has not been updated since 1994, there were numerous changes made to the 'systems' directories. Output was streamlined to provide a more readable report file. Also, minor bugs in the 'scripts' directory were corrected. TARA was tested under Red Hat Version 5.2 (kernel 2.0.35), SGI IRIX 6.5, and SunOS 5.7.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2011 SARA

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The Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a third-generation security analysis tool that is based on the SATAN model. It is fostering a collaborative environment and is updated periodically to address latest threats.

Download No website Updated 06 Sep 2009 IC-RADIUS

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IC-RADIUS is a Cistron-based RADIUS server that uses MySQL to store all of its data. It includes a Web GUI to administer users, and to view all kinds of accounting reports (i.e. utilization graphs). Several new attributes have been added for prepaid setups, such as time limit by day, month, and total. It also includes scripts to import standard radius users, files, and dictionaries.

Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2001 Sentinel

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Sentinel is a fast file scanner similar to Tripwire or Viper with built in authentication using the RIPEMD 160 bit MAC hashing function. It uses a single database similar to Tripwire, maintains file integrity using the RIPEMD algorithm and also produces secure, signed logfiles. Its main design goal is to detect intruders modifying files. It also prevents intruders with root/superuser permissions from tampering with its log files and database. Disclaimer: this is not a security toolkit. It is a single purpose file/drive scanning program. Available versions are for linux (tested on all current Slackware and RedHat releases), with Irix versions soon to be added on.

No download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 twonz

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twonz is a small Perl/TK program which lets you generate and manage the endless quantities of passwords you may need to get anything done online. Rather than making an encrypted database or anything, it just calculates a secure hash of obvious information appended to a user-supplied pad. So you only have to remember the pad, and none of your passwords are actually stored anywhere at all.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 encrypt

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encrypt turns any plaintext word into an encrypted string in a variety of ways, including reading a random word from a file. It can be useful for creating passwords for .htpasswd files for webservers. It's also very useful for generating random passwords out of a cronjob.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 pgppipe

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PGP Pipe allows encrypting a data stream of arbitrary length with the IDEA chipher from PGP. It is fast and usefull for secure backups on tapes or across the network. To prevent that this program is considered "strong cryptography", the encryption routines are NOT included, so you have to get the PGP source to compile it.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2006 Strip

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Strip is a password and account management program for the Palm Computing Platform. Designed to fit the needs of both IT professionals and the average user, it combines ease of use with flexibility and security. 128 bit encryption ensures that even if your Palm Pilot is lost or stolen your important account and password information will remain confidential. Strip has a quick and easy to use interface, with many useful features including the ability to beam shared accounts to other Strip users.


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A tool for collecting and viewing data from a Nedap PowerRouter.


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A mail filtering manager, supporting Sieve, procmail, maildrop and IMAP filters.