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Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2014 srm

Pop 330.62
Vit 50.05

srm (secure rm) is a command-line compatible rm(1) which overwrites file contents before unlinking. The goal is to provide drop in security for users who wish to prevent recovery of deleted information, even if the machine is compromised.

Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2001 adlook

Pop 19.34
Vit 1.42

adlook (Address Lookup tool) is a multi-threaded host name and technical contact lookup tool. It accepts a list of IP addresses from the command line, from a data file, or from stdin, and outputs the hostname and technical contact for each address. Although it is written in Python, for the time being it runs only on UNIX systems. Python must have been compiled with threads enabled to run adlook.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2013 XML Security Library

Pop 194.35
Vit 22.11

XML Security Library is a C library based on LibXML2. It provides an implementation for major XML security standards: XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption.

No download Website Updated 05 Nov 2011 Ginsu Chat Client

Pop 21.82
Vit 5.69

Ginsu is a client for the Gale chat system. It is designed to be powerful and above all stable, as well as having a quick learning curve.

No download Website Updated 31 Mar 2003 Jeff's Digital Notary

Pop 18.57
Vit 1.00

Jeff's Digital Notary is a Web-based digital notary service. It's written in Python and allows you to setup your own digital notary really quickly. It uses GPG for all signing.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2013 Dropbear SSH

Pop 337.94
Vit 18.42

Dropbear is an SSH 2 server and client that is designed to be small enough to be used in low-memory embedded environments, while still being functional and secure for general use.

No download Website Updated 09 Aug 2003 python-crack

Pop 28.00
Vit 1.75

python-crack is a module that provides to Python programs the ability to evaluate password strength. It uses the well known cracklib toolkit, hence the name.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2005 Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions

Pop 28.00
Vit 1.91

Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions provides some extensions to the Bouncy Castle Cryptography framework. It features an OCSP (RFC 2560) server and client that work with the Bouncy Castle OCSP generators and parsers, and a full tested implementation of CMP (RFC 2510, RFC 2511) generator and parser classes, that also rely on Bouncy Castle classes.

Download Website Updated 29 May 2009 Waterken Server

Pop 55.24
Vit 4.39

The Waterken Server is a platform for building Java applications that use eventual control flow operations, such as asynchronous invocation, to communicate both within the application and across the network to other HTTP-based software.

No download Website Updated 29 May 2004 Reverse Remote Shell

Pop 92.75
Vit 2.01

rrs is a reverse (connecting) remote shell. Instead of listening, it will connect out to rrs in listen mode. The listener will accept the connection and receive a shell from the remote host. rrs features full pseudo-TTY support, full OpenSSL support (client/server authentication and choice of cipher suites), Twofish encryption, a simple XOR cipher, plain-text sessions, peer-side session snooping, a daemon option, and reconnection features. It is known to compile and run under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and QNX.


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