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Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2014 JSch

Pop 617.37
Vit 89.72

JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. It allows you to connect to an sshd server and use port forwarding, X11 forwarding, file transfer, etc. You can integrate its functionality into your own Java programs.

Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2001 logstats

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Vit 69.41

logstats is a program that reads lines from a log file, checks them against groups (classes) of (Perl) regular expressions, and gives a report on the matches found in each class.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2014 Portable OpenSSH

Pop 2,506.06
Vit 61.54

Portable OpenSSH is a Unix/Linux port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH, a full implementation of the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It includes sftp client and server support.

No download Website Updated 12 Sep 2004 JOSSO

Pop 20.64
Vit 59.22

JOSSO (Java Open Single Sign-On) is J2EE-based SSO infrastructure that provides a solution for centralized, platform neutral user authentication. It implements Web services technology for asserting user identity, allowing the integration of Java and non-Java applications like PHP and Microsoft ASP using the SOAP protocol across multiple applications. It integrates with Jakarta Tomcat, proving user identity information to Web applications using the standard Servlet Security API. A reverse proxy component that can be used to create n-tier single sign-on configurations is included.

Download No website Updated 23 Aug 2007 MultiLoad

Pop 22.25
Vit 49.32

MultiLoad is a load balancer that redirects HTTP requests to pre-defined servers/locations. It gives the provider a way to balance the traffic and hides the real download location. It allows you to manage different version of each download. It is also a load balancing server extension. You can distribute files on some servers so that a downloaded file can be loaded form different servers. These servers can have different priorities to control the active traffic.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2007 TextCrypt

Pop 23.32
Vit 49.32

TextCrypt is software to easily and quickly encrypt text. Just choose the algorithm, enter the password, and encrypt or decrypt the text. All cryptographic algorithms can be added via the plugin system.

No download Website Updated 19 Feb 2009 Spam blocker using Project Honey Pot

Pop 15.87
Vit 43.43

The Spam blocker class can be used to check spammers' IP addresses in the Project Honey Pot RBL (Realtime Black List). It can perform a query to the Project Honey Pot RBL DNS server for a given IP address using your RBL API key. The class analyzes the RBL response and sets a session variable if the current user IP address is of a spammer that should be blocked. The blocked and allowed addresses are logged to files or to tables in a MySQL database.

No download No website Updated 06 Feb 2010 i.NET

Pop 23.24
Vit 39.17

i.NET is a set of scripts that provides easily configurable firewall and traffic management. It is based on the Linux operating system with specially prepared kernel, iproute2, iptables, and bash scripts to configure specific rules.

Download No website Updated 22 Feb 2013 HexInject

Pop 40.25
Vit 36.32

HexInject is a hexadecimal and raw packet injector and sniffer. It can be easily combined with other tools to provide a powerful command line framework for raw network access. It will automatically set the correct checksum (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP).

Download No website Updated 16 Oct 2011 Inkblot Auth

Pop 16.85
Vit 30.29

Inkblot Auth is a class that can authenticate users by showing them inkblot images. It can associate a given user password with a list of inkblot images. The user chooses the password after seeing a list of inkblots and types in what those inkblots look like. The class can authenticate the user after showing him the same inkblots in a random order and asking the user to type in what those inkblots look like.


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PHP Server Monitor

A tool to monitor your servers and websites.


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OAQL Server

An Oriented Architecture Query Language Server.