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Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2014 Lilblue Linux

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Lilblue Linux is a Gentoo-based, security-enhanced, fully featured XFCE4 desktop system for amd64, built on uClibc. Its userland utilities are not provided by busybox, but by coreutils, util-Linux, etc. It resembles a common Linux system with one exception: It uses uClibc as its standard C library and not the more common glibc, and so brings in some of the advantages of embedded systems. Security enhancements come from Gentoo's hardened toolchain and Grsec/PaX-patched kernel. The fully-featured XFCE4 desktop has software for browsing, email, word processing, multimedia, chat, games, and more.

No download Website Updated 16 Jul 2011 ipt_blacklist

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ipt_blacklist adds an extra layer of network security by dynamically refusing access from and to IP addresses that appear in a blacklist. It can be used without knowledge of iptables. ipt_blacklist includes ipt_integrity.

No download No website Updated 11 Jan 2010 HeaderCleaner

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HeaderCleaner is a small SMTP server plugin that will only allow a set of predefined headers in an outgoing email message and will strip all other headers from the message. This is meant to improve your privacy and better protect the mail handling server. This version is made for Communigate-Pro, but can be adapted for other systems.


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CloverETL Designer

A visual data transformation designer for the CloverETL framework.


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Barman for PostgreSQL

A backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL.