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No download Website Updated 01 Feb 2010 SCARE

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SCARE (Source Code Analysis Risk Evaluation) analyzes source code and provides a realistic and factual representation of the potential of that source code to create a problematic binary. This metric will not say that the binary will be exploited, nor does it do a static analysis for known limitations like vulnerabilities. However, it will flag code for a particular interaction type or control and allow the developer to understand which operational security (OpSec) holes are not protected even if it can't say the effectiveness of that protection at this time.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2009 VICTORIA

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VICTORIA is a support tool for the management of security. It allows you to assess the status and degree of development of security in an automated manner.

No download No website Updated 30 May 2013 Obeseus

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Obeseus is a DDoS attack detector designed for use by ISPs. It detects TCP floods (SYN/RST), fragment floods, raw ICMP/TCP/UDP floods, and BOGON misuse. It also detects application level floods in HTTP and UDP.

No download Website Updated 04 Sep 2009 SecureCI

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SecureCI is a virtual machine for VMware which integrates source code control, build management, automated testing, security analysis, defect tracking, and project management.


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TurnKey PostgreSQL Appliance

A PostgreSQL appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.


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