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No download Website Updated 02 Jun 2006 Prolog Statistical Machine Translation

Pop 18.33
Vit 53.69

Prolog Statistical Machine Translation is a fairly unsophisticated statistical machine translation program. It consists of a language model learner (which takes example sentences in the target language and learns a language model based on trigrams), a dictionary learner (which learns word-for-word translations), and a search program (which uses the data from the first two parts to translate a source sentence into the target language).

No download Website Updated 13 Jul 2007 Planner for Efficient Dialogues

Pop 9.80
Vit 49.76

PED is a dialogue management system that uses a probabilistic nested belief model to choose dialogue strategies. The dialogue system designer need only supply a set of plan rules to PED as a dialogue grammar with preconditions. Using this grammar, PED constructs game trees (like the one below) to represent the outcomes of the dialogue, so that a dialogue strategy can be chosen for the current turn in the dialogue. PED automatically maintains a belief model by a belief revision process that uses the observed acts in the dialogue. The game tree is evaluated in the context of this belief model. PED is efficient because it uses probabilistic estimates of belief rather than a plain logical belief model.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2005 Prolog+CG

Pop 52.12
Vit 2.81

Prolog+CG is an implementation of Prolog with extensions for supporting the Conceptual Graph theory of John Sowa, as well as Object-Oriented extensions. CGs are first-class data objects, and thus completely integrated into the language. Prolog+CG can be used for knowledge representation, reasoning about meaning, formal narratological analysis, and other knowledge representation tasks.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2006 YProlog

Pop 30.58
Vit 2.05

YProlog is a pocket Prolog engine written in 100% Java. It provides a number of fast and easy Java-Prolog interfacing functions that enables the Prolog database to be used like an SQL-type database. It has fast consult and retract operations, can "serialize" database contents into text, and can easily load and store tables or contents of Java objects. It is based on Jean Vaucher's XProlog.

Download No website Updated 24 May 2002 The Objex Project

Pop 42.24
Vit 1.45

The Objex Project (like the GNU Project) aims to develop a complete operating system composed of free and open source software. In contrast to the GNU Project, it aims to build a modern system that brings together all the recent advances in computer science, instead of a Unix-like system. "A complete system" means that it will include the kernel, a full suite of developers tools, user utilities, and a graphical user interface. It is based on OSKit, a framework and a set of utilities, drivers, and program code intended for operating system creation.

No download Website Updated 18 Dec 2003 DELORES

Pop 64.50
Vit 1.42

DELORES (DEfeasible LOgic REasoning System) is a forward-chaining reasoning engine for defeasible logic, a less-expressive but more efficient non-monotonic logic. In contrast with most other non-monotonic logics, defeasible logic has linear complexity, allowing DELORES to execute large theories very quickly. DELORES's algorithm extends to general defeasible theories through the use of a pre-processing transformation which eliminates all uses of defeaters and superiority relations.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Ciao Prolog

Pop 110.23
Vit 1.00

Ciao is a complete Prolog system subsuming ISO-Prolog with a novel modular design which allows both restricting and extending the language. Ciao extensions currently include feature terms (records), higher-order, functions, constraints, objects, persistent predicates, a good base for distributed execution (agents), and concurrency. Libraries also support WWW programming, sockets, and external interfaces (C, Java, TCL/Tk, relational databases, etc.). An Emacs-based environment, a stand-alone compiler, and a toplevel shell are also provided.


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Immutable Collections for Java

Functional language style immutable collections for Java.