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Download Website Updated 22 Jan 2004 PyBabelPhish

Pop 36.66
Vit 1.80

PyBabelPhish is a GTK-based program providing fast translations from one natural language to another. Texts translated to Spanish can be read aloud in Spanish through optional text-to-speech support.

Download Website Updated 12 Aug 2003 TextureOps

Pop 34.39
Vit 1.76

TextureOps is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP related to texture. Compositing a feathered layer on top of another layer slightly reduces the contrast in the the feathered region, noticably modifying the texture. TextureOps contains a "Sharpen Feathering" plug-in to counteract this effect. Also in TextureOps is a modified version of the standard "Make Seamless" plug-in that produces a more uniform result, based on similar principals. Finally, TextureOps provides a simple script for synthesizing a tilable texture of arbitrary size from a sample using the Sharpen Feathering plug-in.

No download Website Updated 25 Sep 2003 Speakhtml

Pop 27.71
Vit 1.76

Speakhtml is an HTML generator written in Scheme. It provides easy to use hooks to make use of Scheme in preparing any type of static content with abitrary complexity. Although using the Scheme programming language gives developers great power in designing HTML, it is perfectly possible generating Websites with Speakhtml without using or even knowing Scheme.

No download Website Updated 07 Jun 2003 CodeApplet

Pop 10.86
Vit 63.47

CodeApplet is a Java-based client-server system that is meant to be used for teaching computer programming online. It may be used with any language for which an appropriate Java class is written, and adding a new interpreter requires no recompilation of the main binaries. Users connect to different coding sessions on the server. Every session has one editor at a time, elected by privileged operators or the current editor. This editor may control a shared language interpreter and edit source files while the other users watch in realtime. Some languages also support local interpreters for personal experiments.

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2003 vrml-scm

Pop 16.19
Vit 1.00

vrml-scm is a VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) parser written in scheme. The parser strictly conforms to the VRML 1.0 standard. It implements only parsing and syntactic checking. There is no semantic checking of the data. The scheme module is self-contained, and has been tested in guile and Bigloo.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2014 Chicken

Pop 258.63
Vit 73.38

Chicken is a Scheme compiler that translates most of R5RS Scheme into relatively portable C. It supports fully general tail-call recursion, first-class continuations, and has a very flexible and efficient interface to C and C++. Chicken implements several extensions to the Scheme language: lightweight threads, pattern matching macros, dynamic loading of compiled code, and various object-oriented paradigms, such as TinyCLOS, and others. The library system includes hundreds of convenient modules for practical use.

Download Website Updated 15 Jul 2003 gspi

Pop 18.11
Vit 1.73

gspi is a Guile-based interface to the GNOME AT-SPI. It allows querying of the GNOME desktop via a Scheme evaluator.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2006 mcron

Pop 37.52
Vit 2.54

Mcron is a 100% Vixie cron replacement written in pure Guile. As well as accepting traditional crontabs, it also accepts configuration files written in Scheme for infinite flexibility in specifying when jobs should run (it could take the system load into account, for example).

Download Website Updated 24 Sep 2006 fluxus

Pop 56.28
Vit 2.90

Fluxus is a graphical live coding environment for Scheme. Fluxus reads live audio or OSC network messages which can be used as a source of animation data for real-time performances or installations. Keyboard or mouse input can also be read for simple game development, and a physics engine is included for realtime simulations of rigid body dynamics. The built in scheme code editor runs on top of the renderer, which means you can edit the scripts while they are running.

Download No website Updated 03 Aug 2004 batchgimp

Pop 71.67
Vit 2.10

batchgimp is a batch processor for rendering of images. It uses a command-line interface, and supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and PSD file formats. It accesses the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) plug-in structure to provide image processing functions. Images are processed in a batch for an entire directory. batchgimp is written in Perl and interfaces with the Scheme scripting engine provided by the GIMP.


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An interface library to access tags for identifying languages.


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Grammar-based software designed to utilize the logic contained within grammar.