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No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2013 PHP Save Complete HTML Page

Pop 33.54
Vit 13.52

PHP Save Complete HTML Page is a class that downloads and saves HTML pages, complete with images, CSS, and JavaScript. It can optionally skip the JavaScript code, keep only the page content, and compress the resulting page by removing whitespace.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2013 URL Shortening

Pop 17.80
Vit 20.62

URL Shortening is an application to shorten your long URLs. It includes multilingual support (i18n).

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2010 Panel Fix

Pop 21.00
Vit 38.79

Panel Fix is a program that allows you to save and restore the positions and states of GNOME panel applets. It can be useful if your panel applets get rearranged against your will. When saving applet configuration, the program will also save some additional information for easier manual configuration.

Download No website Updated 14 Oct 2009 WS Charts

Pop 25.96
Vit 40.67

WS Charts is a PHP class that can be used to render charts of several types. It takes a list of values that define points of one or more sets and renders charts of several possible types: line, bar, surface, and pie. The class provides options to choose colors, gradients, show coordinates, etc. The generated charts can be saved to a given file or displayed as the current script output.


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GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.


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Packet Peeper

A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.