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Download No website Updated 26 Mar 2014 WiKID Strong Authentication System

Pop 2,471.80
Vit 186.67

The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a highly scalable, secure two-factor authentication system. It is simple to implement and maintain, allows users to be validated automatically, requires no hardware tokens, has a simple API for application support (via Ruby, PHP, Java, COM, Python, etc.), supports multiple domains, and supports replication for fault tolerance and scalability. It also supports mutual /host and transaction authentication, wireless tokens only domains, locked tokens (to your PC), anti-keystroke logger keypad PIN entry, etc.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2006 Pandora Publisher

Pop 35.10
Vit 2.06

Pandora is a simple Web document and application platform written in Ruby. It aims to make it easy for a team of people to quickly collaborate on the network and develop custom document components and extensions to meet their specific needs.

Download No website Updated 07 Sep 2004 regexp-engine

Pop 28.21
Vit 2.28

regexp-engine is a regexp engine written entirely in Ruby that makes it possible to search in text with advanced search patterns. It supports Perl 5 and some Perl 6 syntax and is fairly compatible with Ruby's native regexp engine, passing almost 98% of the Rubicon tests. The implementation is simple and contains no optimizations.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2004 Ruby Bidirectional Iterators

Pop 23.87
Vit 2.02

Ruby Bidirectional Iterators allow you concatenate iterators, convert a Ruby internal iterator to an external one, use parallel iterators, reverse an iterator, and have iterators which remember the last element.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2004 Ruby Coverage

Pop 23.62
Vit 1.00

Ruby Coverage helps identify where there are inactive lines in Ruby source code. Its simple to use, and the output is pretty XHTML.


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Genealogy software based on the GenTech Genealogical Data Model.


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A PHP class for modifying Zip archives without extensions or temporary files.