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Download No website Updated 16 May 2009 J4SC

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J4SC (Java for SpinVox Create) is a Java API designed to be used by developers for submitting audio and retrieving converted text from the SpinVox Create service.

Download No website Updated 23 Mar 2012 Gideros Gestures

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Vit 27.52

The Gideros Gestures object provides a way to define and detect gestures. You can define your own gestures by providing array of points that defines shapes and provides a callback function for each shape. It is also possible to detect gestures from a provided array of points. Additionally, this class can automatically track touch inputs to gather a collection of points and resolve it automatically, and automatically output what the user draws in real time.

No download No website Updated 29 Apr 2013 FreeSpeech

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FreeSpeech is a real-time speech recognition application and hands-free text editor. It runs on Linux, Windows, Android, and other operating systems supporting GStreamer, Python, and PocketSphinx.


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A PHP class for generating PDF documents.


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KDE Software Compilation

A powerful graphical desktop environment, applications, and development frameworks.