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No download Website Updated 07 Jul 2012 QX Journal

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Vit 28.06

QX Journal is software to keep a journal, diary, or notebook with support for more notebooks, text formatting, an email function, and the ability to export to RTF, HTML, and text.

Download No website Updated 22 Jun 2009 DivX Converter

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Vit 42.45

DivX converter is a simple Mencoder GUI to produce DivX player compatible video with subtitles. It supports Copy AVI (Same parameters as the source file), HDTV, NTSC, and PAL formats.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2005 Tomabaem

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Vit 1.00

Tomabaem is a substitute for the System's Character Palette, at least for people focusing on the so-called CJKV languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese). Tomabaem, like Unicode, is cross-language. Whatever you are looking for related to Chinese characters, there's a high chance that Tomabaem has a way of looking it up, whether it's the Cantonese pronunciation, the UTF-16 codepoint, the radical, the meaning, or the character itself, which you can copy/paste or drag'n'drop from another document. It uses UniHan.txt file from the Unicode Consortium as the basis of the data shown.

No download Website Updated 23 Aug 2007 ClientCare

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ClientCare is software that lets you manage your hair salon business in a realistic and practical way. It aims to increase team efficiency and productivity and ease paperwork. It helps you to market to your existing clients with powerful tools to generate more business. It can show you reports and help you keep in touch with clients with SMS. It features a completely integrated system where everything you and your team do can be monitored, analyzed, and improved.

No download Website Updated 30 May 2008 Breeze

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Breeze a multiple class model neural network development system. The architecture is based on the standard three-tier model/view/controller, in addition to a multi-threaded circuit switch command structure, with full application logging and internal trace routines. Network models include Online Backpropagation and Radial Basis Function Networks, for time series prediction.


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A file integrity daemon with support for centralized monitoring.


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Character Recognition

A simple OCR application for Android.