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Download No website Updated 08 Jan 2010 metatrace

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Metatrace is a C++ compile time ray tracer. It is mostly a nice gadget to test compiler performance and conformance (apart from the maximum recursion depth of 17), especially but not exclusively in the template and metaprogramming corner of C++0x.

Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2010 YafaRay

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YafaRay is a raytracing engine. Raytracing is an image rendering technique for generating realistic images by tracing the path of light through a 3D scene. A render engine consists of a "faceless" computer program that interacts with a host 3D application to provide specific raytracing capabilities "on demand". Blender 3D is the host application of YafaRay.

No download No website Updated 20 May 2010 Tracer

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Tracer is a package for ray-tracing in Python. Its main application area is solar energy, and the architecture focuses on extensibility and programmability, so it can be used as a part of other programs. For example, it could be used for optimization algorithms or annual performance simulations.

Download No website Updated 25 Sep 2012 protracer

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Protracer is a simple raytracer originally written in 1999 as a university course project. Please be aware that, despite the name, there is nothing especially professional about Protracer. The name is meant to be a pun on the Protracker music tracker application. It currently supports a very limited subset of the POV-Ray file format.


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A generative tree visualiser for Python.


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A Web-based interface for Unix system administration.