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Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2005 SImg

Pop 56.87
Vit 2.74

SImg is a software for astronomical image processing. It contains a tool for visualization of highly dynamic images. The package consists of a library and applications which use it. Some of the features are deconvolution (various methods), Video4Linux support, PSF computation, approximation by linear combination of images and polynoms, various color transforms, automatic shifting of image sets (for addition and color composition), and more.

No download Website Updated 26 Jul 2005 Lunapaint

Pop 39.75
Vit 1.42

Lunapaint is a paint program that uses SDL. Its features include layers, animation with onionskin, a project file format, and the ability to export to PNG files. It has several paint modes for each paint tool. It is similar to TVPaint or DPaint.

Download No website Updated 05 Jun 2005 KenyDraw

Pop 14.39
Vit 1.41

KenyDraw is a very simple ASCII art editor. The program is currently known to work on Linux and FreeBSD on xterm.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2005 Tile Driller

Pop 46.43
Vit 3.71

Tile Driller is a simple paint program for people, who want to draw tile-based graphics pixel by pixel. Editing takes place in 32bit RGBA color space, allowing you to easily paint the alpha channel. It reads BMP, JPEG, PCX, PNG, and TGA images, but writes only PNG images.

Download Website Updated 18 Feb 2005 Graphics Muse Tools

Pop 60.37
Vit 3.41

The Graphics Muse Tools are a collection of plug-ins and scripts for use with GIMP. The package now includes a set of C plugins (GFXArrows, GFXCards, GFXTrans, GFXLayers, GFXMerge, and GFXShapes) and a set of Perl scripts (GFXDodge, GFXGallery, GFXLayerSave, and GFXLayerOffsets).

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2004 KolourPaint

Pop 39.10
Vit 2.33

KolourPaint is an easy-to-use paint program for KDE. Features include undo/redo, more than a dozen tools, selections, transparent image editing and zoom support (with an optional grid and thumbnail).

No download Website Updated 27 Nov 2004 Pixen

Pop 32.73
Vit 1.43

Pixen is a sprite art program with many unique features. It is designed expressly for pixel art. To this end, it features extensive palette management and palette-swapping tools, a highly configurable grid overlay, a full complement of drawing tools, 'crosshairs' for ensuring proportion and straight lines, isometric line locking, extremely configurable backgrounds (for testing a sprite against various colors or images), and a full implementation of layers.

No download Website Updated 25 Aug 2004 GridFlow

Pop 44.83
Vit 4.86

GridFlow is a plugin for PureData, Ruby, and jMax. It provides the ability to process images and video as N-dimensional arrays ("Grids"). It consists of a framework for grid transmissions, elementary grid processing objects, picture-oriented processing objects, and input/output objects. It also allows one to write plugins for PureData and jMax using the Ruby language.

No download Website Updated 08 Aug 2004 IsoTool

Pop 23.98
Vit 1.00

Isotool assists a full featured art package in the creation of Isometric artwork by helping with tiling and Isometric shaded color selection. Intended for game developers, this cleaned-up in-house tool will work with The Gimp and Photoshop.

Download Website Updated 06 Aug 2004 NAFE

Pop 44.90
Vit 1.00

nafe (Not Another Font Editor) is a tool to convert Linux console font files into ASCII text files that are human-readable/editable. It also converts this text files back into system-usable PSF font files for display on the Linux text console, thus making font editing easy.


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A generative tree visualiser for Python.


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A Web-based interface for Unix system administration.