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No download Website Updated 09 Mar 2012 surl

Pop 74.30
Vit 4.79

surl is a URL shortening command line application that supports various sites. It supports stdin or filename input. It grabs the URLs, converts them, and returns the same text that was used in the input. It is known to work with a wealth of services, such as,, and others.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2007 swiginac

Pop 24.68
Vit 1.08

Swiginac is a symbolic mathematics module for Python. It is an interface to GiNaC built with SWIG. A lot (but not all yet) of the GiNaC classes are exposed, and virtually all of the GiNaC tests pass.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2003 tblib

Pop 10.30
Vit 1.00

Tblib is a TrackBack library written in Python. It allows users to create TrackBacks and ping specified URLs. It also allows users to autodiscover the proper URL to ping through autodiscovery. A sample commandline client is included to demonstrate the features of tblib.

Download Website Updated 07 Dec 2001 threeDS

Pop 27.64
Vit 1.84

threeDS is a Python module for loading and displaying 3D models in the 3DStudio Max 3DS format. It comes with view3DS, a simple 3DS model viewer written in Python.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2008 tinypy

Pop 45.83
Vit 1.00

tinypy is a minimalist implementation of Python in 64k of code. It includes a parser and bytecode compiler written in python. tinypy runs on its own C-based virtual machine with garbage collection. It supports a fairly decent subset of Python, including classes with single inheritance, functions with variable or keyword arguments, strings, lists, dicts, numbers, modules, list comprehensions, exceptions with full traceback, some builtins, and several modules.

No download Website Updated 26 Oct 2002 txObject Python Modules

Pop 22.18
Vit 3.40

The txObject Python Modules provide an interface to the txObject Application Tool Kit and Libraries.

No download Website Updated 29 Nov 2010 txOpenID

Pop 23.07
Vit 1.00

txOpenID is an implementation of the OpenID Identity Provider specification, written using Twisted Web and Divmod's Nevow. It reads authentication data and user Web sessions out of a MySQL database using MySQLdb and Twisted Enterprise's adbapi layer. txOpenID currently supports version 1.1 of the OpenID specification.

No download Website Updated 24 Feb 2004 uTidylib

Pop 21.21
Vit 1.46

uTidylib is a Python wrapper for TidyLib.

Download No website Updated 13 Feb 2010

Pop 34.39
Vit 2.01 is a Python module for accessing the interface exposed by the uTorrent Web UI. Current features include getting and setting uTorrent parameters, viewing information and statistics on torrents and files, and setting torrent state and file priorities. Small example utilities are included. Note that the download file is a 7zip archive, not a PNG image.

No download Website Updated 22 May 2010 vobject

Pop 28.14
Vit 2.04

vobject is a Python library for processing iCalendar and vCard information. It allows programs to manipulate standard Python objects like datetimes, and tzinfo classes for time zones without worrying too much about iCalendar semantics.


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A GUI frontend for the efax fax program.


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An image viewer and organizer.