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Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2009 Python Director

Pop 42.43
Vit 1.44

Director is a Python library that allows developers to create command line plugins for tools, which makes it easy to add new functionality.

Download Website Updated 18 Sep 2013 pyratemp

Pop 70.48
Vit 7.91

pyratemp is probably (one of) the smallest complete template-engines for Python (with about 500 LOC). It has a very small set of special syntax in the templates. This reduces complexity and the probability of bugs and lead to an easy-to-use and intuitive user-interface. It uses embedded Python-expressions (in a "sandbox"), is well documented, has full Unicode-support, and produces very good error-messages, which is very useful when creating new templates.

Download Website Updated 29 May 2011 pyisbn

Pop 25.50
Vit 1.91

pyisbn is a module for working with various book identification numbers. It includes functions for conversion, verification, and generation of checksums. It also includes basic classes for representing ISBNs as objects.

No download Website Updated 09 Jun 2012 pyodbc

Pop 34.39
Vit 2.36

pyodbc is a Python module which allows you to use ODBC to connect to almost any database from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more. It implements the Python Database API Specification, and additional features have been added to simplify database programming even more.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2008 pyqrcode

Pop 37.08
Vit 1.00

pyqrcode is a Python extension for encoding and decoding the popular matrix code known as qrcode.

No download Website Updated 17 Mar 2010 Python-GPSBabel

Pop 21.54
Vit 2.82

Python-GPSBabel is a Python wrapper around GPSBabel. It is a complete interface for Python, allowing easy mechanisms for the developer to control GPSBabel from within a Python application.

No download Website Updated 01 Feb 2011 pycryptopp

Pop 25.98
Vit 2.25

pycryptopp provides a few useful cryptography algorithms for Python programmers, based on the excellent Crypto++ library (which is written in C++).

Download Website Updated 14 Oct 2008 firkin

Pop 40.99
Vit 1.00

firkin is a Python module to convert between different measurement units.

Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2008 python-managesieve

Pop 30.66
Vit 1.00

python-managesieve is a ManageSieve client library for remotely managing Sieve scripts, including a user application (the interactive 'sieveshell'). Sieve scripts allow users to filter incoming email on the mail server. The ManageSieve protocol allows managing Sieve scripts on a remote mail server. These servers are commonly sealed so that users cannot log into them, yet users must be able to update their scripts on them.This module allows accessing a Sieve server for managing Sieve scripts. It is accompanied by a simple yet functional user application, 'sieveshell'.

Download Website Updated 01 Apr 2012 The Python audio processing suite

Pop 31.87
Vit 2.01

The Python audio processing suite is a module that contains a variety of convenience functions to process audio signals. It can be used to plot spectral analyses of a song across time and to quickly ascertain encoding quality, but the instrumental goal of this suite is to robustly identify duplicated songs, regardless of which album they were released in, encoding quality, or start time.


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An Apache httpd module to expose delivery status notifications restfully


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