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Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2006 ibo

Pop 19.44
Vit 3.36

ibo is a tool for developing Web-based interfaces to relational databases. ibo1 is a translator from an ad hoc language to C, ibo2 is an application server for projects written in the same language as ibo1, and ibo3 is a small set of Python modules.

No download Website Updated 23 Feb 2011 Berkeley DB XML

Pop 122.67
Vit 3.12

Berkeley DB XML is a native XML database engine for use within your product. Made available as a C++ library with language bindings for Java, Perl, Python, PHP, and Tcl, it integrates directly into your application (it is not a standalone database server). It provides XQuery access into a database of document containers. XML documents are stored and indexed in their native format using Berkeley DB as the transactional database engine.

No download Website Updated 21 Mar 2004 EZRO

Pop 33.62
Vit 60.68

EZ Reusable Objects (EZRO) is a Web application that can be used by non-technical staff to manage content as "objects." Content objects containing text, video, and audio can be shared, modified, and re-styled to appear via a traditional Web site, an on-line course, an innovative "Coach," or as a community of interest site. It is highly scalable and can be used for public Web sites, secure environments, and private intra/extranets.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2011 Redland RDF Library Language Bindings

Pop 82.60
Vit 8.24

redland-bindings provides high-level language bindings for the Redland RDF C libraries, allowing full access to the C APIs along with enhancements for individual languages. It currently provides bindings in Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2004 Konsultant

Pop 28.88
Vit 1.42

Konsultant is a KDE application designed to help a small team of consultants manage clients, tickets, and projects. A working PostgreSQL server is required for operation. The design goal is to create both a working application and a simple application framework.

No download Website Updated 20 May 2005 Tripoli

Pop 19.75
Vit 1.00

Tripoli is a Python implementation of a "triple space": that is, a triple store with tuple space semantics. It supports the synchronization of concurrent processes via a shared data structure. Processes can add triples to the store, and read or take triples from the store using pattern matching. If a triple matching a pattern is not yet in the store, a query will block until a suitable triple is added by some other process. Many synchronization patterns can be expressed using these primitives. Tripoli extends the semantics of tuple spaces with two additional operations, copy_graph and copy_collect_graph. These copy or move the graph of all triples that are connected to a given subject to a new triple space, and can be used together with the other pattern matching operations to express procedural queries over triple data.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2005 SimpleXML

Pop 56.26
Vit 2.48

SimpleXML is a commandline application and library for very simply manipulating XML files by path to elements and regular expresions identifying data of elements. It lets you harvest data from XML files, change values of attributes, print or change data of elements, create new elements, etc.

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2006 Demokritos

Pop 25.46
Vit 2.27

Demokritos is a server implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol. It also provides a library that can be used for the development of other Atom-related applications.

No download No website Updated 17 Nov 2006 TagFu

Pop 11.45
Vit 1.42

TagFu is a Python library for tagging entities (which can be anything with a URL) with Tags or metadata. It very closely mimics basic Python data structures.

No download Website Updated 20 Dec 2006 Darwin Calendar Server

Pop 30.05
Vit 51.76

The Darwin Calendar Server is a standards-compliant server that allows multiple users to collaboratively share calendaring information. It provides a shared location on the network to store schedules, and allows users to send each other and manage invitations. In order to provide interoperability with multiple calendaring clients, the server implements the CalDAV protocol, which is an extension of WebDAV, which is in turn an extension of HTTP.


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Univention Corporate Server

A server operating system with an integrated identity and infrastructure management system.


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Ada Server Faces

An Ada Web framework that follows Java Server Faces.