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No download Website Updated 19 Mar 2013 getmail

Pop 414.16
Vit 40.33

getmail is intended as a simple, secure, and reliable replacement for fetchmail. It retrieves email (either all messages, or only unread messages) from one or more POP3, SPDS, or IMAP4 servers (with or without SSL) for one or more email accounts, and reliably delivers into qmail-style Maildirs, mboxrd files, or through external MDAs (command deliveries) specified on a per-account basis. getmail also has excellent support for domain (multidrop) mailboxes, including delivering messages to different users or destinations based on the envelope recipient address.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2012 Python-LDAP

Pop 265.16
Vit 15.51

python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP directory servers from Python programs. Mainly, it wraps the OpenLDAP 2.3+ libs for that purpose. Additionally, the package contains modules for other LDAP-related stuff (such as processing LDIF, LDAPURLs, and LDAPv3 schema).

No download Website Updated 15 Jun 2002 netdevicelib

Pop 20.59
Vit 1.00

netdevicelib is a Python module for interacting with and managing network devices such as Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls. It is similar in concept (but more ambitious in scope) to the Perl module Net::Telnet::Cisco.

No download Website Updated 21 Jul 2002 py_net_libs

Pop 19.08
Vit 65.54

py_net_libs is a Python module to dissect network packets as returned by pylibpcap, a wrapper to libpcap.

Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2002 Y Object Database Adapter

Pop 33.32
Vit 2.67

Y Object Database Adapter (YODA) is an environment for creating and running network accessible applications. It can permanently store objects of any type and complexity, and supports attributes of most types (with the exception of only a few Python types, such as thread locks). It can be extended with YODA- server applications, and an application compiler and loader are provided.

Download No website Updated 30 Sep 2007 pyrad

Pop 51.83
Vit 4.19

pyrad is an implementation of a RADIUS client and server as described in RFC2865, 2866, and others. It takes care of all the details like building RADIUS packets, sending and receiving them, and en-/decoding responses.

Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2011 Scapy

Pop 263.60
Vit 8.37

Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation tool, packet generator, network scanner, network discovery tool, and packet sniffer. It provides classes to interactively create packets or sets of packets, manipulate them, send them over the wire, sniff other packets from the wire, match answers and replies, and more. Interaction is provided by the Python interpreter, so Python programming structures can be used (such as variables, loops, and functions). Report modules are possible and easy to make. It is intended to do about the same things as ttlscan, nmap, hping, queso, p0f, xprobe, arping, arp-sk, arpspoof, firewalk, irpas, tethereal, tcpdump, etc.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2005 dnspython

Pop 71.75
Vit 4.61

dnspython is a DNS toolkit for Python. It supports almost all of the record types. It can be used for queries, zone transfers, and dynamic updates. It supports TSIG authenticated messages and EDNS0. dnspython provides both high and low level access to DNS. The high level classes perform queries for data of a given name, type, and class, and return an answer set. The low level classes allow direct manipulation of DNS zones, messages, names, and records.

Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2005 pynids

Pop 36.63
Vit 1.87

pynids allows network sniffing, IP defrag, TCP stream reassembly, port scan detection, and connection bonking in Python by providing an interface to the libnids library.

Download Website Updated 20 Jan 2005 Python Wrappers for Remote Access Tools

Pop 45.17
Vit 3.79

pywrat (Python Wrappers for Remote Access Tools) is a set of wrappers that can be used for accessing remote hosts. They use ssh and scp for remote shell and file system access and can be used as a generalized access method with a single configuration file for all host, user, and key setups. The wrappers are intended to simplify remote access in shell scripts, but it is also possible to use the wrapper modules directly from Python programs.


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