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Download Website Updated 15 May 2011 msnlib

Pop 95.50
Vit 8.43

msnlib is an MSN Messenger protocol library and text mode client written in Python.

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2012 python-jabberbot

Pop 129.90
Vit 6.42

python-jabberbot is a Jabber bot framework for Python that makes it easy to write simple Jabber bots. One can use these Jabber bots to provide information about running systems, to make Web sites interact with Jabber-enabled visitors, or notify the bot owner about updates or changes that are monitored with custom Python scripts.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2012 Python IRC library

Pop 47.62
Vit 3.62

The Python IRC library is intended to encapsulate the IRC protocol at a quite low level. It provides an event-driven IRC client framework. It has a fairly thorough support for the basic IRC protocol, CTCP, and DCC connections.

Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2006 Xmpppy

Pop 51.38
Vit 3.10

Xmpppy is a Python library grown from the jabberpy project. Though this library has borrowed some code from jabberpy, it is a separate project with its own architecture and slightly different API. It is primarily intended to be used with the RFC-compliant jabber servers (like ejabberd), but it should work with all popular servers (including GTalk).

Download Website Updated 15 Jan 2004

Pop 27.82
Vit 2.73 is an implementation of the MSN Messenger protocol in object-oriented Python.

Download Website Updated 21 Jul 2003 Pynfo

Pop 33.32
Vit 2.53

Pynfo is a combination IRC info, search, and network relay bot. It supports basic fact definition (with persistence between runs) and searching of Google and In the network relay mode it "bridges" channels on different networks by passing messages between them. It also has a plugin interface, allowing users to easily define new commands.

Download Website Updated 17 Dec 2010 antioch

Pop 25.14
Vit 2.26

antioch is a Web application for building scalable, interactive virtual worlds. Begun as a MOO-like system for building virtual worlds, the goal was to take the LambdaMOO approach to creating online worlds, and update it in hopes of attracting new players to an old idea. Like many MOO clones before it, antioch uses Python as its internal scripting language. This provides a powerful environment for game authors, while a flexible object model allows for creation of complex in-game objects.

Download Website Updated 27 May 2006 Twisted Words

Pop 37.68
Vit 1.47

Twisted Words provides implementations of a handful of IM protocols, including IRC, MSNP8, OSCAR, TOC, and Jabber. It also comes with a multi-protocol server built around a few simple interfaces, the goal of which is to facilitate implementations of novel servers, clients, and bots. Out of the box, it comes with server that accepts connections over IRC and PB and seeks out installed third-party plugins to support other interfaces (for example, a Nevow LivePage-based Web interface).

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2005 pysilc

Pop 18.08
Vit 1.00

Pysilc is a Python binding for the SILC toolkit. The Secure Internet Live Conferencing protocol (SILC) is designed to provide most rich-featured conferencing services and high security.


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Arcavias TYPO3 extension

High performance e-commerce for the TYPO3 content management system.


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A music typesetter, based on the ABC language.