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Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2014 python-bitstring

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bitstring is a Python module that helps to make the creation and analysis of binary data as simple and natural as possible. Objects can be constructed from integers (big and little endian), floats, hex, octal, binary, byte data, iterables, or files. They can be sliced, joined, reversed, packed, unpacked, inserted into, overwritten, and otherwise operated upon with simple functions or slice notation. They can also be parsed, searched, and navigated in, similar to a file or stream. Internally the data is efficiently stored as byte arrays. It is available for Python 2.6 and later (including Python 3).

Download Website Updated 10 Mar 2009 chouwa

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Chouwa is a library that aims to ease the integration of Jinja2 into Django projects. It does this by providing equivalents of some of django's helper methods that depend on its template subsystem, as well as providing built-in globals and filters and providing a mechanism for user applications to introduce their own globals and filters.

Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2009 EAAL

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Vit 1.00

EAAL (EVE API Access Layer) is a library to interface with the API of EVE Online ( EAAL should be able to handle additions to that API without much change.

Download Website Updated 18 Sep 2013 pyratemp

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Vit 8.61

pyratemp is probably (one of) the smallest complete template-engines for Python (with about 500 LOC). It has a very small set of special syntax in the templates. This reduces complexity and the probability of bugs and lead to an easy-to-use and intuitive user-interface. It uses embedded Python-expressions (in a "sandbox"), is well documented, has full Unicode-support, and produces very good error-messages, which is very useful when creating new templates.

No download Website Updated 09 Jun 2012 pyodbc

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Vit 2.41

pyodbc is a Python module which allows you to use ODBC to connect to almost any database from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more. It implements the Python Database API Specification, and additional features have been added to simplify database programming even more.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2010 PyMVPA

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Vit 2.30

PyMVPA (Python MultiVariate Pattern Analysis) is a Python module intended to ease pattern classification analyses of large data sets. It provides high-level abstraction of typical processing steps and a number of implementations of some popular algorithms. While it is not limited to the neuroimaging domain, it is eminently suited for such data sets. It requires nothing but free software to run.

Download Website Updated 09 Oct 2009 JagPDF

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JagPDF is a library for generating PDF documents in C/C++, Python, and Java. It supports TrueType (subsetting) and standard 14 Type 1 fonts, font metrics, Unicode, UTF-8 and common 8-bit character encodings, images (JPEG, PNG, or custom), paths, color spaces (RGB, CMYK, CIE based, ICC profiles, indexed), encryption, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and more.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2008 simplejson

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Vit 1.00

simplejson is a simple, fast, complete, correct, and extensible JSON encoder and decoder for Python 2.3+. It is pure Python code with no dependencies, but includes an optional C extension for a serious speed boost. The encoder may be subclassed to provide serialization in any kind of situation, without any special support by the objects to be serialized (somewhat like pickle). The decoder can handle incoming JSON strings of any specified encoding (UTF-8 by default).

No download Website Updated 29 Nov 2010 txOpenID

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Vit 1.00

txOpenID is an implementation of the OpenID Identity Provider specification, written using Twisted Web and Divmod's Nevow. It reads authentication data and user Web sessions out of a MySQL database using MySQLdb and Twisted Enterprise's adbapi layer. txOpenID currently supports version 1.1 of the OpenID specification.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2008 python/pg_greentrunk

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pg_greentrunk provides fundamental components of GreenTrunk, an interface protocol (API) for using a PostgreSQL database with Python. It provides an interface for implementations to use, and provides documentation in the form of Python modules to allow immediate access to object descriptions, even when inside a Python console.


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Intercepts and logs database statements of applications using JDBC


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A framework for distributed industrial automation and control.