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Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2002 Java 3D Chess Applet

Pop 20.69
Vit 67.15

Java 3D Chess Applet is a chess program which uses Java 3D. It allows you to play chess against yourself or against a friend on the same computer.

No download Website Updated 30 Mar 2003 gnurushi

Pop 10.15
Vit 64.01

gnurushi is a clone of Intelligent Qube (a.k.a. Kurushi), a puzzle game for the Sony Playstation.

No download Website Updated 21 Oct 2003 Penguin Cards

Pop 10.30
Vit 62.39

PenguinCards is a two-player card game. The aim is to find the pairs of cards on the board. The one who finds out more card pairs is the winner.

Download No website Updated 17 Feb 2004 Marelle

Pop 9.54
Vit 61.43

Marelle implements a Marelle Triple game.

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2004 Othello Master

Pop 27.64
Vit 61.02

Othello Master is a sophisticated 3-D game engine for the game of Othello. It boasts many viewing angles, various strategies and levels of difficulty, research capabilities, and automation options.

No download Website Updated 31 Aug 2004 The Game (Rapid Game development tool and ...

Pop 39.75
Vit 59.81

"The Game" is a project designed to simplify the process of producing any high-quality cross-platform 2D or 3D graphical computer game. The hope is that any game can be produced simply by changing a few settings and pressing a "compile" button. The project has three "deliverables": a game engine library to abstract across the set of all possible computer games (applying object-oriented design methods to the general problem in such a way as to be usable in specific instances); a graphical interface for easy game design (an exercise in human interface design); and a gaming package with a lot of shiny games to play.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2005 OpenJigsaw

Pop 11.49
Vit 58.63

OpenJigsaw is a simple puzzle game that takes any image you give it, chops it into a number of puzzle pieces, and lets you reassemble it.

Download Website Updated 23 Feb 2005 BOXit

Pop 14.97
Vit 58.32

BOXit is a small logic game in which you must clear the playing field by dragging same-colored or equivalent tokens one over another if they are in the same row or column on the playing field. It is quick to learn but hard to master.

No download Website Updated 10 Jul 2005 WMDsweeper

Pop 12.00
Vit 57.14

WMDsweeper is a 3D/2D-based minesweeper game. It has text-based and graphical interfaces for playing. Saving games, loading games, and configuring different skins are supported.

Download No website Updated 01 Sep 2005 Sudoku.php

Pop 13.75
Vit 56.67

Sudoku.php is a Web-based program that tries to implement the same rules a human would use to solve a Sudoku puzzle. It can solve many Sudoku puzzles, but not all because it only uses logic and refrains from brute-force solving. You can interactively influence the solution process to try out rules of your own. You can easily enter a Sudoku puzzle and save it for repeated use.


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