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No download No website Updated 01 Jan 2013 Puppet ENC

Pop 24.21
Vit 21.83

Puppet ENC is a fully functional external node classifier for Puppet that uses MongoDB as a backend.

Download No website Updated 11 Feb 2012 seedBank

Pop 37.08
Vit 1.08

seedBank is a simple tool for managing Debian/Ubuntu seed files for use with unattended installations. It also manages PXE files.

Download No website Updated 02 Dec 2012 genpuppet

Pop 40.32
Vit 1.01

genpuppet is a script to automatically generate a puppet manifest based on a series of user inputs. Think of it as a kernel "make config" for puppet. With genpuppet, the most frequently used resources are prompted for so one can quickly generate a working manifest without having to concentrate on syntax and spacing.


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A vte-based terminal emulator.


Project Spotlight


A desktop news aggregator for reading news feeds and Web logs.