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No download No website Updated 13 May 2011 flymake-cursor.el

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flymake-cursor.el module displays the flymake error in the minibuffer after a short delay. It is based on code the author found roaming around on the net, unsigned and unattributed. It is assumed to be public domain, because while there is a "License" listed in it, there is no license holder (no one to own the license). This version is modified slightly from that code. The post-command fn defined in this code does not display the message directly. Instead it sets a timer, and when the timer fires, the timer event function displays the message. The reason to do this: the error message is displayed only if the user doesn't do anything, for about one second. This way, if the user scrolls through a buffer and there are myriad errors, the minibuffer is not constantly being updated. If the user moves away from the line with the flymake error message before the timer expires, then no error is displayed in the minibuffer.

No download Website Updated 14 Jun 2011 nuush

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Nuush is a shell script that lets you to keep track of your Web feeds and read them on your terminal.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2011 CWO

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CWO is a preprocessor for the C programming language that adds simple object-oriented syntax to C.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2014 Squid Analyzer

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Squid Analyzer parses the native access log format of the Squid proxy and reports general statistics about hits, bytes, users, networks, top URLs, and top second level domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control; this is not a pure cache statistics generator.

Download No website Updated 14 Sep 2011 jSQLsh

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jSQLsh is an SQLite Shell written in Jim TCL. It is intended to be a better SQLite interactive client.

Download No website Updated 15 Sep 2011 TagmaDebug

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TagmaDebug is a simple interactive debugger for TCL programs.

No download Website Updated 10 Oct 2011 slatec4gfortran

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The SLATEC Common Mathematical Library is a widely used, authoritative collection of general purpose mathematical and statistical routines written in FORTRAN77. slatec4gfortran is a binary and source distribution for the gfortran compiler. It is intended as a replacement for the outdated Linux port in the official distribution.

No download No website Updated 27 Oct 2011 runasdog

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runasdog (run as watchdog) is a tool that connects STDIO of any program to a listening TCP socket.

No download Website Updated 01 Dec 2011 AMT REST API

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AMT REST API implements all the functionality available in the Amazon Mechanical Turk API natively in PHP. There are no external dependencies. The package requires PHP 5.3 or later and uses namespaces. Optional sub-packages handle worker qualifications and notifications sent by the AMT service. The source is intended to be used with the docblox automatic documentation system. An HTML manual cross-links the internal documentation with Amazon's API documentation.

No download Website Updated 08 Jan 2012 Devilspie2

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Devilspie2 is a utility to find windows and changes properties of these windows with the help of rules written in LUA. For example, you can make a window of an application always appear at the same screen position each time it starts. It is a continuation of the program Devilspie, written by Ross Burton.


Project Spotlight


A light but smart text editor for programmers.


Project Spotlight


A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).