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Download Website Updated 23 Feb 2006 np

Pop 58.14
Vit 2.52

np is a compact NMEA parser. It provides quick and flexible access to GPS data from various sources. Data can be read from devices, text files, STDIN, or GPSD (raw mode). The list of supported NMEA sentences includes $GPRMC, $GPGGA, $GPGSA, $GPGSV, as well as Garmin's proprietary $PGRME and $PGRMM. By employing user-definable stylesheets, the parser output can be adapted to numerous application scenarios. The parser can be queried directly from the console or through the included Web front end.

Download No website Updated 03 Apr 2011 Khayyam

Pop 57.97
Vit 2.63

Khayyam is a program for composing 3D scenes for rendering (similar to Poser and DAZ Studio). It can import character and scene models from many model formats (Poser, MD5, BSP, OBJ, 3DS, Collada, and formats used in most Illusion games). There is support for basic object placement, scaling, posing skeletal characters, and lighting. Scenes can be exported in POV-Ray format for rendering. Khayyam is implemented as a shell program using many libraries from the Floyd and Sodipodi projects.

No download No website Updated 21 Oct 2013 FuckTheNSA

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Vit 1.74

FuckTheNSA is a binary-to-text encoding and decoding tool. The encoded data is an ASCII-string, 8 times bigger than the source data, and consists purely of anti-NSA profanity. It encodes any 8-bit byte sequences.

Download No website Updated 11 Dec 2002 CVS Statistics Generator

Pop 57.13
Vit 1.45

Cvstat is a Perl script which reads information from the 'cvs log' command's output and generates some statistics and prints them in HTML, for display on the Web.

Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2006 TinyWM

Pop 57.06
Vit 1.00

TinyWM is a ridiculously tiny window manager implemented in nearly as few lines of C as possible, without being obfuscated or entirely useless. It allows you to move, resize, focus (sloppy), and raise windows. A Python version is also included.

Download Website Updated 08 Sep 2008 PDCurses for X11

Pop 56.60
Vit 4.33

PDCurses is an implementation of SysVR4 curses for multiple platforms. PDCurses for X11 is designed to allow existing curses programs to be re-compiled with PDCurses, resulting in native X11 programs.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2001 mtail

Pop 56.39
Vit 2.31

mtail is a small tail workalike that performs output coloring using ANSI escape sequences (although the sequences are overridable, so you could cause it to output something else, e.g., HTML font tags). It is written in python, is fairly small, and should be relatively platform-independent.

No download Website Updated 20 Jul 2003 Pretty Make

Pop 56.28
Vit 1.84

Pretty Make beautifies make output. It colorizes it, groups options together, and hides uninteresting stuff.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2004 cvsq

Pop 56.06
Vit 2.89

cvsq (CVS queued) is a tool that enables developers with a dial-up connection to work comfortably with CVS. It accepts same arguments as CVS but instead of directly processing them, cvsq stores all requests in a queue and handles them later. This way, you can mark several files for commit and upload them when you're connected to the Net.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2004 Zool Linux

Pop 56.04
Vit 2.13

Zool Linux is a project whose goal is to assist in making Linux mini-distributions, useful for floppy-based rescue systems, or to check hardware and network connections. It supports many different filesystems and utilities.


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A light but smart text editor for programmers.


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A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).