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Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2009 FCFS RWLock

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Vit 3.11

FCFS RWLock is a first-come first-served readers/writers lock for POSIX threads. FCFS means that the first thread to request control of the lock will gain it, based on the constraints of a readers/writers lock. FCFS RWLock is well documented and commented, so it can easily be used as a reference implementation.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2012 multixterm

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Vit 1.00

Multixterm creates multiple xterms that can be driven together or separately. It can be used to login via SSH to multiple hosts and control them simultaneously, or for ad hoc things where you want to see the results as you type. Each xterm may also be driven separately. Multixterm is scriptable so that you can easily fire up, for example, a dozen xterms with a single command, tiled nicely on your screen. In addition to SSH, multixterm can drive rlogin, telnet, passwd, or any program that runs in an xterm.

No download Website Updated 10 Nov 2002 ucs-fonts

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Vit 1.03

The ucs-fonts package contains versions of all the "-misc-fixed-*" and Adobe X Window System bitmap fonts which have been extended to the largest possible Unicode subset that is sensible for these font sizes. These fonts are commonly used with xterm and many other applications. This package also includes a tool to convert these Unicode fonts into other encodings, such as the many ISO 8859 sets.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2008 s11n

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Vit 7.34

s11n ("serialization") is a C++ library for easily serializing a wide variety of objects, including PODs, STL containers, and user-defined Serializable types. It is completely data-format agnostic and currently supports several data formats, including three XML dialects. It is amongst the most advanced, most flexible, simplest to use, and most powerful serialization frameworks ever created for C++.

No download Website Updated 18 May 2005 BitBake

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Vit 2.04

Bitbake is a simple tool for executing tasks. It is derived from Portage, the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux distribution. It is most commonly used to build packages, and is used as the basis of the OpenEmbedded project.

No download Website Updated 22 Apr 2013 geo-*

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Vit 6.08

geo-* is a set of tools for geocaching, including tools for accessing the www.geocaching.com, opencaching.com, opencaching.us, and navicache.com websites, tools for geocoding addresses and creating maps, and tools for manipulating Mapopolis place guide data. The focus of these tools is to provide a command line driven environment.

Download Website Updated 17 Nov 2009 Trackon

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Vit 1.76

Trackon runs on Google App Engine and monitors the features, health, and status of open BitTorrent trackers.

Download Website Updated 24 Jan 2007 Mailman listadmin

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Vit 2.47

listadmin is a command-line alternative to Mailman's Web interface for administering mailing lists. It allows you to inspect messages or subscription requests, approve or discard them manually, or discard messages automatically when certain conditions are true. listadmin can also be configured to run out of cron to do routine cleaning.

No download Website Updated 28 Jun 2013 libb64

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Vit 5.15

libb64 is a library of ANSI C routines for fast encoding and decoding of data into and from the base64-encoded format. C++ wrappers are included, as well as the source code for standalone encoding and decoding executables.

Download No website Updated 29 Sep 2012 aura

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Vit 4.59

"aura" is a desktop (X root window) background setter. It picks images randomly from specified paths, skipping those that are too small or have inappropriate aspect ratios, and rescales them by cropping solid margins, resizing with cubic interpolation and then the liquid rescale algorithm to fit the desktop with as little quality loss as possible. Images are labelled in the corner using embedded tags. It can changes images on a timed basis or when triggered by SIGHUP or the CLI, and tracks previous and blacklisted images.


Project Spotlight


A light but smart text editor for programmers.


Project Spotlight


A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).