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Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2010 werc

Pop 136.73
Vit 6.40

Werc is a minimalistic RESTful Web application framework and content management system. It follows the Unix "tool philosophy" and it is designed to be fast, simple, convenient, and easily extensible. It handles both small and big sites and has a flexible system for user and group permissions. All data is stored in plain text files that can be easily manipulated with standard tools, without using any databases or other external dependencies. Existing applications include a blogging engine with RSS/Atom feeds, a wiki system that can easily integrate pre-existing documents (can be enabled for any directory tree), and others.

Download No website Updated 09 Jun 2010 Mac's CMS

Pop 85.08
Vit 6.70

Mac's CMS is a flat file (XML and SQLite) AJAX content management system. It focuses mainly on the "Edit In Place" editing concept. It comes with a built-in blog with moderation support, user manager section, roles manager section, and SEO/SEF URLs.

Download No website Updated 28 Feb 2007 wzfusker

Pop 15.30
Vit 1.42

Wzfusker is is a small clone of fusker, which was a program that could be used to download parts of Web sites. It provides several tools to make selective mirroring easier, including selecting only URLs or images from the page and regex-based matching of links.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2007 MyPhotoAlbum

Pop 105.83
Vit 4.15

MyPhotoAlbum is a simple, small, easy to use web photo album. It allows the user to create albums/categories and upload pictures with titles and comments, and keep the albums in several languages simultaneously. The title and comments are stored in plain text files. No database server is needed. MyPhotoAlbum uses CSS for its web formatting to have maximum control over its look and feel. It has a main screen that shows the photo albums. On each album screen, thumbnails with titles and comments are displayed. Clicking on the thumbnail will display a pop-up with the picture full-size.

No download Website Updated 09 Oct 2005 blurt

Pop 13.19
Vit 1.00

blurt is Web publishing ("blogging") software. Unlike most blogging software, it does not provide you with a fancy back office, heavy duty database backends, and massive user management systems. Instead, you upload documents ("posts") in simple text format (.txt) to a directory on your Web server. blurt will figure out the rest.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2005 SKForum

Pop 81.98
Vit 2.84

SK Forum is a Web-based forum application with a comic system, an address book, a Wiki, a time tracking system, a todo list, a poll system, a guestbook system, and more.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2003 wutils

Pop 11.58
Vit 1.73

wutils is a set of wrappers for mv, rm, and rmdir. As wmv, it creates .htaccess files for Apache with redirections so Web links don't break when you rename files, and as wrm or wrmdir it prompts for a redirection (or '410 Gone') for each deleted file.

No download Website Updated 21 Feb 2003 Envolution

Pop 57.28
Vit 1.43

Envolution is a Content Management System which allows easy management and publication of information from a simple Web browser. In addition to managing content, it can be configured to allow Website visitors to submit articles, comment on previously submitted articles, participate in surveys or polls, and manage their own accounts with simple registration and account management tools.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2002

Pop 37.84
Vit 1.75

makethumbs is a Bourne shell script which creates static HTML image galleries suitable for web or CDROM presentations. It is designed for portability and depends on the fewest possible helper programs. You can simply run makethumbs in a directory of JPEGs and get a usable set of web pages. If you have the time, you can add captions, descriptions, and create a dotrc file to completely change the look and feel of the generated gallery. A small helper script,, is also available to easily fix rotated images.

Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2002 XWeb

Pop 37.38
Vit 2.74

XWeb generates Web sites out of XML files by processing them with XSLT, adding navigation information into this process and rendering images for buttons and banners. In addition, files can be processed using command line tools or just be copied into the target structure.


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Alaya Webdav Server

A simple WebDAV 1.0 server.


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A unit test facility for command line programs with file input and output.