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Download Website Updated 13 May 2008 yawl

Pop 84.99
Vit 3.52

This is a comprehensive "word game" word list for UNIX/Linux. It is a superset of the author's ENABLE list, the "OSW", and various lists researched by the author's colleague, Alan Beale. At 264,093 words, it is the largest list of its kind, suitable for use in all manners of crossword-type board games and word construction games, as well as for a spell checker dictionary. The YAWL package now includes two anagramming utilities (supplied as source code, handled by the included Makefile). There is also a shell script that extends the UNIX "strings" system command. This is the word list package recommended for the author's Quackey word game.

No download Website Updated 22 Apr 2013 geo-*

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Vit 6.47

geo-* is a set of tools for geocaching, including tools for accessing the,,, and websites, tools for geocoding addresses and creating maps, and tools for manipulating Mapopolis place guide data. The focus of these tools is to provide a command line driven environment.

Download No website Updated 31 Jul 2012 HLA Adventure

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Vit 3.74

HLA Adventure is an adventure game that was written in Randy Hyde's HLA language. It features Mippy, a cute dragon that lives happily in the forests and caves and often comes out during the later part of the day to eat leaves, smoulder decaying trees, and generally romp around like every good dragon should.

Download No website Updated 28 Jan 2002 Old Fortran Games Collection

Pop 41.90
Vit 66.85

This is a collection of old games written in FORTRAN. The makefiles included claim that they are "U/Toronto Games". It includes games like Chess, Scrabble, Bzone, Adventure, and other old classics. These games are very old: chess.f was written around 1978.

Download No website Updated 01 Nov 2001 The Elements of Programming Style - fortun...

Pop 40.80
Vit 1.41

The Elements of Programming Style - fortune cookie is a fortune cookie file containing the 69 tips from the "Elements of Programming Style" by Kernighan & Plaugher.

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2003 Tetrinet for Linux

Pop 40.25
Vit 2.71

Tetrinet for Linux is a Linux version of the popular Windows multiplayer Tetris game. It should work on all systems having the ncurses library installed. This version runs in textmode only and requires a 50-line display. Both Tetrinet server and client functionality have been implemented.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2007 Cultivation

Pop 38.34
Vit 2.37

Cultivation explores the social interactions within a gardening community. You lead one family of gardeners, starting with a single individual, and wise choices can keep your genetic line from extinction. While breeding plants, eating, and mating, your actions impact your neighbors, and the social balance sways between conflict and compromise. Cultivation features dynamic graphics that are procedurally-generated using genetic representations and cross-breeding. In other words, game objects are "grown" in real-time instead of being hand-painted or hard-coded. Each plant and gardener in the game is unique in terms of both its appearance and behavior.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2009 Primrose Game

Pop 37.95
Vit 1.44

Primrose is a game that presents a deep puzzle that is completely fresh. Primrose's gameplay is deceptively simple: Surround tiles of one color with another color to clear them. The surrounding tiles flip color, leading to possible chain reactions. Larger groups cleared and longer chain reactions are awarded more points. This simple setup has many interesting emergent properties, creating a challenging game without resorting to external gimmicks like time pressure. The game also features a world-wide online high score board complete with instant replay, move-by-move, of all top-scoring games.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2007 Food Combining Rules

Pop 37.39
Vit 1.42

Food Combining Rules teaches food combining rules through a series of games.

No download Website Updated 17 Feb 2007 kiki the nano bot

Pop 36.17
Vit 2.18

kiki the nano bot is a 3D puzzle game, a mixture of Sokoban and Kula-World. Your task is to help kiki, a small robot living in the nano world, repair its Maker.


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