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No download No website Updated 21 Oct 2011 The FACT Programming Language

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FACT is a mixed functional and imperative programing language which uses first-class environments as its primary data type. It supports many high level concepts while still remaining a very simple language.

Download Website Updated 05 Nov 2011 proty

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Proty is a prototype-based dynamic programming language.

No download No website Updated 16 Feb 2013 libklel

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The KoreLogic Expression Language Library (libklel) is a C library that provides a simple expression language that can be embedded in other programs. It does not implement a full programming language, but rather a simpler expression language called KL-EL that is designed to provide arithmetic and logic operations in situations where embedding a full programming language would be overkill. KL-EL can access functions and variables exported from the embedding program, and is statically and strongly typed, which helps ensure that expressions are valid before they are executed. The embedding API is easy to use, and the library itself is very small.


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A scientific computation and visualization environment.


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An URL link checker.