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No download Website Updated 01 Jun 2011 sqlpp

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sqlpp is a very simple PL/SQL preprocessor. It lets you use #include and #define statements in your PL/SQL code (like in C). sqlpp replaces constants defined by these statements with their values.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2011 CWO

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CWO is a preprocessor for the C programming language that adds simple object-oriented syntax to C.

No download No website Updated 09 Aug 2011 ucpp

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ucpp is a C preprocessor. It is designed to be quick and light, but still fully compliant to the ISO standard 9899:1999, also known as C99. ucpp can be compiled as a stand-alone program or linked to some other code; in the latter case, ucpp will output tokens, one at a time, on demand, as an integrated lexer. ucpp operates in two modes: in lexer mode, ucpp is linked to some other code and outputs a stream of tokens where each call to the lex() function will yield one token; in non-lexer mode, ucpp preprocesses text and outputs the resulting text to a file descriptor. If linked to some other code, the cpp() function must be called repeatedly, otherwise ucpp is a stand-alone binary.

Download No website Updated 07 Apr 2013 SQL::Yapp

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SQL::Yapp is a Perl module which embeds SQL completely into Perl. It checks SQL syntax at compile time and fully parses SQL to allow usage of any Perl scalars, arrays, and hashes in an intuitive and safe way. It makes SQL injections virtually impossible while making you feel as if SQL syntax were native to Perl.

No download Website Updated 18 Sep 2013 javacx

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javacx is a Java compilation tool which allows all the sources files which the Java standard compiler task finds to be preprocessed by multiple commands. Note that it uses your existing javac compiler, so will work as you update your system.

Download No website Updated 27 Nov 2013 cauxp

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cauxp provides additional preprocessing directives designed to help programmers create easily-maintained code. It allows multiline macros without the annoyance of line continuation markers and can do automatic bracketing of macro parameters. It also provides methods for defining groups of related constants and flags. You can also invoke other processors from within cauxp.


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A script to automatically validate HTML code generated by a PHP script.


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A music player with a waveform seek bar.