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Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2004 Cpuspeedy

Pop 56.57
Vit 3.04

Cpuspeedy allows you to change the clock speed and voltage of CPUs using Linux's CPUFreq driver. It is a user space program, so it will work on every processor supported by the kernel's CPUFreq driver.

Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2013 FluxBat

Pop 17.29
Vit 1.73

FluxBat is an ACPI based battery monitor for the fluxbox window manager. It includes two parts: a daemon process that runs the update script and the update script itself. The whole software contains only about 100 lines of code and is easy to use by including only one line in the menu configuration file of fluxbox.

Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2002 GKrellM NUT Plugin

Pop 28.50
Vit 1.41

The GKrellM NUT Plugin is a simple UPS monitoring plugin for GKrellM. It uses NUT (Network UPS Tools) for UPS connections.

Download No website Updated 06 Feb 2001 Generic Power Monitoring for Linux

Pop 36.74
Vit 69.45

Genpower is a UPS monitoring program for Linux. It supports common UPSs like APC, BackUPS, and Tripplite models. This is a updated version of an old genpower utility found on Metalab, with added support for new UPSs.

Download Website Updated 05 Nov 2002 Lame UPS

Pop 17.89
Vit 1.45

Lame UPS is an automatic system shutdown and power failure logging program written in C.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2004 NVRAM WakeUp

Pop 99.53
Vit 3.71

NVRAM WakeUp can read and write the WakeUp time in the BIOS (via /dev/nvram on recent 2.4.x kernels). On this WakeUp time the computer will be powered on automatically from the soft-off state.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2013 Network UPS Tools

Pop 323.88
Vit 33.68

Network UPS Tools (also known as NUT) is an extremely powerful and versatile client/server based approach to UPS monitoring. Products from a wide range of vendors (APC, Belkin, Best Power, MGE, Tripp-Lite, etc.) are supported. A shared UPS can be monitored by one host, notifcations being sent to the other hosts via authenticated TCP connections. A Web interface is available, as is a Windows client.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2003 OSX Control

Pop 12.25
Vit 1.00

OSXControl allows you to shut down, reset or put to sleep an Apple computer running OS X after a set time lapse. A plugin architecture is supported for user extensions. It also has automation features and G4 optimization.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2003 OfysUtils

Pop 10.72
Vit 1.52

OfysUtils is a collection of tools to monitor and manage a Sicon Ofys UPS connected to the computer through a serial cable.

Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2004 OpenUPSd

Pop 28.67
Vit 1.85

OpenUPSd is a UPS monitoring daemon for some Belkin UPSes that speak the "regulator pro smart protocol" over serial (RS232), such as the F6C625-220V.


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