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Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2010 cpufreq daemon

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Vit 8.39

cpufreqd is meant to be a replacement of the speedstep applet found in Windows. It monitors battery level, CPU usage, AC state, temperature (sensors and ACPI), and running programs, and adjusts the frequency governor according to a set of rules specified in the config file.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2012 lpmd

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Vit 1.21

A daemon to monitor sensors and power supplies, scan processes to match the command name, and on the basis of this change cpufreq policy and put CPUs in an offline state, configurable in Lua and using fuzzy logic rules.

Download No website Updated 06 Feb 2014 runt cli

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Vit 12.08

runt is a wrapper command that executes some other long-running command (such as rsync) and prevents your system from suspending before it finishes.


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H2 Database Engine

A Java SQL database engine.


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A public domain version of lzip.