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Download Website Updated 16 Jul 2003 Kerio MailServer with integrated McAfee An...

Pop 27.57
Vit 1.47

Kerio MailServer is a secure corporate Internet messaging server for SME. It integrates SpamAssassin, McAfee anti-virus, SSL encrypted POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, WebMail (HTTP) and WAP protocols, attachment/content filtering and a MAPS/user-defined anti-spam database. It supports multiple domains, automated replies, SMS notifications, shared and public folders, email folder backup, full Active Directory implementation, mailing lists, and shared contacts. It runs on Red Hat 7 and 8, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, and Mac OS X 10.2, and is available with English, French, Dutch, and German user interfaces.

No download Website Updated 04 May 2003 PASP

Pop 43.87
Vit 2.90

PASP is a Bayesian-like spam filter that can be used as a POP3 proxy.

No download Website Updated 18 Oct 2002 Riser

Pop 15.10
Vit 65.17

Riser is a groupware, framework, and EIP system. It lets you make appointments, share files, send and receive email, schedule meetings, and more, from any Web browser.

No download Website Updated 16 Apr 2003 MrPostman

Pop 50.83
Vit 2.88

MrPostman is a Java program that acts as a POP mail server to interface your favorite mail client with Web Mail services like Yahoo! or Hotmail. It is designed so that new Webmail services can be written and used as plugins.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2002 fk_html

Pop 16.37
Vit 1.00

fk_html is a standard filter for incoming mail. It runs on your local machine as a fake POP3 server that redirects your mail client connections to your real POP3 server. Doing that it can scan, filter, and convert your incoming emails and is totally independent from your mail client type or version It provides multiple account settings, conversion from HTML mail to plaintext mail, removal of scripts from HTML mail and attachments, address filtering based on blocklist and allowlist, the ability to apply different policies to different accounts, and SSL support (also for non-secure clients, in which case only the loopback connection is not encrypted).

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2002 SmartPost

Pop 33.35
Vit 1.00

SmartPost is a complete email platform based on Davide Libenzi's xmail. It has Web interfaces for adding and managing email domains, for postmasters to manage their email users, and for users to send and receive email.

Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2002 POP before SMTP daemon

Pop 16.97
Vit 64.65

POP before SMTP daemon uses authenticated POP3 logins through Qpopper to grant access to a Sendmail SMTP relay. No modifications to Qpopper or Sendmail are required, and existing rule-based access methods are left intact.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2003 IDMS Damn Best Mail Agent

Pop 44.63
Vit 2.05

IDMS DBMA is an effort to develop a highly scalable (c10k compliant), plugin-based mail agent aimed at fighting spam and viruses. It is meant to replace hard-to-maintain, complex, resource hungry configurations used by small to large users today.

No download Website Updated 17 Sep 2007 MailStripper Pro

Pop 81.50
Vit 7.26

MailStripper Pro is a mail scanner that aims to remove spam and viruses from incoming mail. It recognises and decodes many obfuscation techniques used by spammers and uses several different mechanisms to recognise spam which are immune to Bayes poisoning, and has achieved real-world success of over 99.8%. It is MTA-independent and does not implant itself into your mail server. Instead, it functions as a proxy, allowing the MTA to reside on a different server.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2014 phlyMail

Pop 452.08
Vit 125.29

phlyMail is a groupware, webmailer, and PIM. It offers unlimited nested groups, unlimited POP3/IMAP profiles, quotas, an integrated address book, a calendar with multiple reminders and event repetitions, a file manager with an integrated WebDAV server, the ability to send faxes, SMS support (which lets you send SMS, get reminded of events via SMS, and get email notification via SMS), a bookmark manager, themes, and multilingual support. It uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME and SSL connections. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is included. Through its modular design, it's easy to add completely new features as modules, which can be plugged into the system.


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