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Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2005 SendYmail

Pop 58.74
Vit 3.16

SendYmail allows you to send email through Yahoo! Mail, using your favorite mail client. It works as a gateway between the Yahoo! Mail Web interface and your email program, and can be used in conjunction with FetchYahoo or YoSucker to emulate a POP3/SMTP-like interface.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2004 Share360

Pop 49.75
Vit 3.54

Share360 is an instant, cost-effective Web-based groupware suite integrating a customizable intranet portal page with key collaborative applications including document management, project management, contact databases, a group scheduler, a bulletin board, a to-do list, Web-based email, and Outlook Sync for Address Book. A 60-day free trial download is available.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2002 SmartPost

Pop 33.35
Vit 1.00

SmartPost is a complete email platform based on Davide Libenzi's xmail. It has Web interfaces for adding and managing email domains, for postmasters to manage their email users, and for users to send and receive email.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2013 Snowbox

Pop 29.87
Vit 9.32

Snowbox is a small and easy-to-set-up POP3 server. It supports APOP, SSL, and IPv6.

Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2005 TWIG

Pop 182.87
Vit 9.88

TWIG is a Web-based groupware suite written in PHP, compatible with both PHP3 and PHP4. Its features include IMAP and POP3 email, Usenet newsgroups, contact management, scheduling, shared notes and bookmarks, a todo list, and meeting announcements. Any piece of information can be shared with others via group oriented access controls. By using only plain HTML, it is a simple, cross-platform, fast, and browser-independent way to access or share almost any kind of information, without the complexity or costs of other intranet/groupware packages. It is fully internationalized, with 24 translations.

Download No website Updated 19 Jun 2005 Tim's Webmail

Pop 27.39
Vit 2.90

Tim's Webmail is a Web-based POP3 email viewer powered by Java Servlets and JSP. It uses SMTP to send email via the JavaMail API. It's fully compatible with sendmail and QMail. It has a simple user interface, and all basic email functions are available, including attachments. Support for multi-part messages and mailbox filtering is also implemented. The user interface is customizable using the presentation layer JSP pages and the CSS file provided.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2006 Twisted Mail

Pop 37.35
Vit 1.47

Twisted Mail provides client and server implementations of SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4. These differentiate themselves from the Python standard library implementations both by presenting a much higher-level, easy-to-use interface and in their server components, which allow the implementation of custom servers for each protocol without dealing with protocol-level issues. Twisted Mail includes a simple demonstration email server which accepts messages over SMTP, stores them in a Maildir arrangement, and can serve them to clients over POP3.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2004 Virtual Exim

Pop 68.19
Vit 1.80

Virtual Exim is a PHP-enabled Web interface for managing multiple virtual mail domains with Exim and MySQL/PostgreSQL. POP/IMAP accounts, aliases, forwards, and permanent fail accounts can all be created and managed easily without the need for corresponding shell accounts. Virtual Exim also allows the server administrator to designate a SiteAdmin who can create and delete domains on the fly through the interface, so no editing of the Exim configuration file is required. Individual users can also log in to change their "Real Name", passwords, and mail filtering options with ease.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2002 Virtual Mail ManaGer Interface

Pop 30.00
Vit 1.00

Virtual Mail ManaGer Interface (vmmi) is a Web-based PHP interface to VMailMgr. It allows you to manage multiple independent mailboxes on a domain, each with their own passwords, quota rules, and expiry dates.

Download No website Updated 19 Feb 2006 Virtual Qmail

Pop 112.25
Vit 4.35

Virtual Qmail offers a set of applications that allow you to easily manage virtual domains within your qmail installation. It includes a CGI application that allows users to configure their mailboxes via the Web (this supports plugins).


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