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Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2008 AudioSource Player

Pop 20.74
Vit 2.08

AudioSource Player is a modular audio player with extensive support for MusicBrainz and Last.fm. It integrates various online services and keeps the details out of the user's view.

No download Website Updated 24 Jun 2010 Fire.fm

Pop 47.87
Vit 5.05

Fire.fm is a Firefox extension that gives you access to the extensive music library on Last.fm. It allows you to listen to your favorite music and discover new artists in the process.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2008 Sonata

Pop 26.53
Vit 46.45

Sonata is a lightweight GTK+ music client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). It aims to be efficient and has no toolbar, main menu, or status bar, and is user-friendly and clean.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2012 fookebox

Pop 55.75
Vit 6.07

fookebox is a jukebox-style Web frontend to mpd. It can serve as a keyboard-less jukebox or as a generic mpd frontend, depending on your preferences.

Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2008 ScaleTempo

Pop 18.17
Vit 1.42

ScaleTempo is a set of patches and plugins for major open source media players. It enables easy playback of audio and video at faster or slower speeds without changing pitch (i.e. no chipmunk effect).

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2008 Musiql

Pop 16.25
Vit 1.41

Musiql is a command-line front-end to MPlayer that provides SQL-based music library management features using SQLite. The project's goal is to provide a full set of music library management features without resorting to a menu-based interface. It imports music files into its database, extracting metadata from tags using Mutagen. SQL queries can then be used to retrieve lists of songs and play them in MPlayer. Static and dynamic playlists can be saved, and Musiql keeps track of play counts and ratings for each track.

Download Website Updated 27 May 2008 AutoplayISO

Pop 13.78
Vit 46.84

AutoplayISO is a system for creating bootable CDs and DVDs which automatically play the multimedia files they contain.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2009 AniMplayer

Pop 21.63
Vit 1.00

AniMplayer is a frontend for Mono MPlayer that specializes in mass anime series playback. It's part of the N Media Center package.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2009 cmus-status

Pop 18.87
Vit 1.65

cmus-status is an application for showing the currently playing song in either Cmus or MPD together with album art.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2013 PlayShell

Pop 49.69
Vit 9.77

PlayShell is a player handler and playlist manager with a shell-like interface for the console. It emulates most playing functions and handles most players like VLC, MPlayer, mpg321, and SoX. It is best for playing music in a terminal or console and supports video files as well.


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A utility to edit text tags in an ICC profile.


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Babel Router

A distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4.