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Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2008 F Modular Synthesizer

Pop 52.92
Vit 2.72

FMS is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch. You can play any sound (sine, triangular, vowels, etc.) with any property settings (frequency, volume, balance, sweep, etc.) and modulations thereof. It also features tools to save sounds, play .MUS music, graphically display sounds, and make real noise.

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2013 MP3Shell

Pop 26.57
Vit 1.82

MP3Shell is a simple but functional Tcl/Tk GUI for the mpg123 MP3 player.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2005 Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console

Pop 25.40
Vit 2.43

Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console is a small GUI for PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Tools by Rainer Keuchel. There are 2 versions of the interface; one written in Tcl/Tk, and the other written in C, using the GTK2 libraries.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2005 SnackAmp

Pop 79.20
Vit 3.88

SnackAmp is a multi-platform audio file and streaming music (MP3,Ogg, wav, etc.) player and file organizer suitable for very large music collections. Stand alone executables for Windows or Linux are available for download. An integrated Web server provides the ability to remote control the client and serve your music collection as streaming audio.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2008 Tickle Tunes

Pop 12.96
Vit 1.47

Tickle Tunes is a themeable front end to mplayer for playing songs, playlists, and videos.

No download Website Updated 05 Mar 2003 Waif

Pop 10.95
Vit 1.00

Waif is a console audio unfrontend. That means that between the business of choosing the files to listen to and listening to them, there is no interface to hijack a controlling terminal, hog up screen space, or waste a perfectly good xterm. It also ends the hassle of restarting a player moving from one display to another. Waif works all its magic in the background leaving you free to do more important work. Waif is flexible and robust, supporting a wide number of file formats (MP3, Ogg, WAV, RealPlayer, MIDI, audio CD, and more) and a wide number of helper applications including mpg123, mpg321, ogg123, freeamp, and xmms.

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2013 ximp3shell

Pop 38.00
Vit 3.13

ximp3shell is a simple Tcl/Tk GUI for the ximp3 MP3 player. It resembles mp3shell in some respects, but is modified for use with ximp3.


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A file transfer client.


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A tool for editing version control repository history.