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Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2001 PHP Mobile Mail

Pop 33.65
Vit 68.31

PHP Mobile Mail is aimed at mobile professionals who want to use their favorite MUAs (noteably pine or mutt) on their laptop, either in UNIX or Windows (under GNU Gygwin). This lets you work offline. It includes a mail_spooler program, which accepts the output of you MUA and spools (on, or offline). When connected, another process parses through the spool and sends your messages. It is also designed to "fake" using your REAL email address with free services like gmx.net, or mail.yahoo.com, when using their POP and SMTP servers, assuming you have a domain and account that you can control to this degree.

Download No website Updated 10 Sep 2001 libHtmlForm for PHP

Pop 20.27
Vit 68.29

libHtmlForm is a PHP library (include file) that lets you dynamically create HTML form elements from the output of database queries, or from any other organized array of data.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2001 MyCD-DB

Pop 18.89
Vit 68.28

MyCD-DB is a web based archive for audio CD collections. It uses PHP, Perl, and MySQL. It supports CD location for CD changers of up to 255 discs, and has an integrated CDDB interface.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2001 PHP Smtp Daemon

Pop 22.05
Vit 68.27

PHP Smtp Daemon is an SMTPd server written in PHP, with user and spool storage in MySQL/any database.

No download Website Updated 20 Sep 2001 Your eShop

Pop 20.71
Vit 68.22

Using nothing more than a web browser, developers can implement dynamic data-driven storefronts with an integrated shopping basket, catalog, hierarchical categories, boolean product search, and order processing. Your eShop's architecture lets developers prepare and market specialized look and feel, payment processing, and shipping modules.

    Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2001 toXicMail

    Pop 13.04
    Vit 68.20

    toXicMail is multi-languaged, PHP and MySQL driven webmail client. It has theme support, and can read MIME/HTML mail and attachments. It operates on local and remote mailboxes (configurable by the administrator).

    No download Website Updated 28 Sep 2001 Open System Administration

    Pop 29.39
    Vit 68.16

    Open System Administration is Web-based administration software similar to web admin, built in Python and PHP. It has a modular design so that anyone can easily write modules for it.

    Download Website Updated 14 Oct 2001 QTOFileManager

    Pop 13.96
    Vit 68.04

    QTOFileManager is a Web-based file manager written with PHP. It is easy to install, since it consists of just one script file. It allows you to upload, delete, and edit files, and add and remove directories. It also features optional user authentication. The Webmaster can specify which features are enabled, as well as which file extensions can be edited, the maximum hard drive space allowed to a user, and the maximum file size allowed to a user.

    No download Website Updated 14 Oct 2001 SilkPHP TextPass

    Pop 12.41
    Vit 68.04

    SilkPHP TextPass system was initially created as a temporary solution, whilst testing other scripts that were not yet publicly available. This system allows you to quickly set up a protected area for testing, and then remove everything once testing is complete. The resulting scripts may also be useful to those just starting out learning PHP and cookies.

    No download Website Updated 15 Oct 2001 SilkPHP Countdown

    Pop 10.95
    Vit 68.04

    SilkPHP Countdown is a graphical script generator that will allow you to create PHP code to insert into your Web site. Using a simple form, you simply enter the answers to the questions, click a button, and your code is displayed for you to copy and paste into your Web site.


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    Structure parameter inference approach for endocrine feedback control.


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    A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.