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Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2013 Magento Media Gallery Extension

Pop 42.76
Vit 12.40

Magento Media Gallery Extension allows you to manage your media files on Magento. It creates a landing page for your products' videos. You can add videos to products or homepages. You can showcase your products on left/right columns with the help of a CMS block and can configure a CMS block from a backend easily.

No download No website Updated 30 Nov 2013 Magento Product Videos

Pop 32.83
Vit 12.36

Magento Product Videos is an extension which allows you to embed videos in to your product pages.

Download No website Updated 21 Jan 2014 Quick View PrestaShop Module

Pop 42.51
Vit 12.20

Quick View PrestaShop Module allows quickly viewing and shopping for products from home and category pages on a PrestaShop site. You can show your product in a lightbox, and customers can view details and buy without going to the product page.

No download Website Updated 27 Nov 2013 Videomanager

Pop 30.69
Vit 12.19

Videomanager is a Web-based video manager. It's not a Youtube/Vimeo clone, it just provides the core functionality of uploading, converting, and displaying videos. Commercial support is also available, as well as enterprise features like distributed rendering, tracking, and live streaming.

No download No website Updated 06 Jan 2014 OpenLaunch

Pop 105.56
Vit 2.32

OpenLaunch is a Web-based content management system that integrates a broad array of services into a single, fully-featured, elegantly designed Web site. The project aims to eliminte the difficulty of integrating multiple systems into a single Web site by implementing a blog, forum, Web pages, wiki, and (coming soon) E-Commerce and support tickets. It is built around the Torpedo Framework, an open MVC framework which includes support for controllers, forms, and a large number of other very useful utilities.

Download No website Updated 11 Dec 2013 Magento Invoice Email Extension

Pop 32.25
Vit 11.62

Invoice Email is a Magento extension that allows customers to send copies of their invoices to multiple recipients by specifying the email addresses during the checkout process or in their account settings. Customers can edit the email addresses from back office. This extension supports the latest versions of Magento community and enterprise.

Download No website Updated 14 Dec 2013 123 Flash Chat PHP Chat

Pop 58.07
Vit 11.49

123 Flash Chat PHP Chat is a script that adds a chat room to any Web site that supports PHP. It supports users, multiple skins, video chat, hand raising, PPM/PPV, and mobile devices.

Download No website Updated 02 Jan 2014 Bitwise on String Operations

Pop 41.30
Vit 10.75

Bitwise on String Operations is a class that implements bitwise operations using strings. It is intended for use with controlling access permissions and user permissions, and implementing menu groups in databases.

No download No website Updated 31 Dec 2013 Hierarchical Cluster Engine

Pop 28.23
Vit 10.69

Hierarchical Cluster Engine is a a solution that can be used to construct custom network meshes or distributed network cluster structures with several types of relations between nodes. It supports handling of management requests from multiple source points, native reduction of results from multiple nodes (aggregation, duplicate elimination, sorting, etc.), a powerful full-text search engine and data storage, transaction-less and transactional request processing, and many language bindings for client-side integration.

No download No website Updated 01 Jan 2014

Pop 26.91
Vit 10.66 is a multithreaded application server for PHP. Applications can be installed using drag and drop. It has outstanding performance, with benchmarking on nginx showing that it is about 50% faster than nginx alone (based on a standard Magento installation) with no additional tweaks.


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A partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost.


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Software that provides ready to use CFEngine policy.