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No download No website Updated 13 Jun 2013 MagicMin

Pop 19.54
Vit 17.59

MagicMin is a class that merges and minifies JavaScript and CSS files. It compresses them by stripping unnecessary comments, spaces, tabs, and line breaks. It can also merge multiple JavaScript and CSS files to minimize the number of server requests. External images used by CSS files may be converted to inline images using data URLs. Processed files are cached to avoid processing overhead until any of the source files are changed.

No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2013 Textportal

Pop 29.12
Vit 17.56

Textportal is a simple script which can be used for a variety of purposes. Put it in a password-protected directory on your site, and it can be used for keeping a private notebook or diary. On a public page, you can use it as a simple chat or shoutbox script, or for sharing images and links.

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2013 Nav Doc

Pop 18.68
Vit 17.42

Nav Doc is a simple navigation documentation script which lets you easily create beautiful multilingual documentation for your software and add documentation files very easily.

Download No website Updated 22 Jun 2013 minify

Pop 18.25
Vit 17.40

Minify is an easy to implement CSS and JavaScript minifier. It strips comments and whitespace, shortens hex codes, can compress multiple CSS files into one large file, and can Base64-encode and include your images and font assets in your file.

Download No website Updated 22 Jun 2013 router

Pop 18.52
Vit 17.40

Router is an easy routing configuration tool. It will translate from a URL to a code path and vice versa, according to a routing schema defined using XML.

Download No website Updated 22 Jun 2013 Ogone

Pop 17.20
Vit 17.40

Ogone is a class that provides a wrapper for more easily implementing the payment system in your PHP applications. Given your Ogone account's configuration, it will generate forms and process Ogone's payment response. Both the legacy method and the new way to calculate SHA signatures are supported.

No download No website Updated 20 Jun 2013 Portable UTF-8

Pop 16.76
Vit 17.39

Portable UTF-8 is a library that enables Unicode support in PHP applications. It is written in PHP and does not need mbstring, iconv, UTF-8 enabled PCRE, or any other library.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2013 PHP Twitter Feed

Pop 32.53
Vit 1.02

PHP Twitter Feed is a class that generates RSS feeds from Twitter timelines and searches using the Twitter API. It can retrieve the statuses of a given user, or search using a query.

Download No website Updated 26 Jun 2013 webtools.class

Pop 16.34
Vit 17.20

webtools.class is a PHP class of useful functions for websites, including connecting to MySQL (with error reporting), IP-to-location information, creating salted MD5 passwords and validating MD5 passwords, shortening URLs with the Bitly API, email validation, and sanitizing user input.

Download No website Updated 02 Oct 2013 APIcaller

Pop 34.50
Vit 1.22

APIcaller is a class that helps you to build API wrappers. You don't have to worry about building URLs, or even about parsing the requested data. As an example, if an API requires an API key, you can set this key as a default value and it'll be always sent with the API request. The API needs to return the data in JSON format, otherwise an execption will be thrown.


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