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Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2001 FreeSCADA toolbox

Pop 40.00
Vit 69.69

The FreeSCADA project develops a set of libs to help implement a simple control/acquisition system quickly and efficiently.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2001 PHPTalo

Pop 26.27
Vit 69.68

PHP-Talo is a rewrite from scratch of PHP-Nuke. It has a lot of features and a modular design for add-ons, administration features, and more. The output is clean and xhtml-compatible.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2001 Simpleton

Pop 10.05
Vit 69.67

Simpleton is an application to add, modify, and delete headlines (news) through a Web interface.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2001 Oracle Toolbox

Pop 52.00
Vit 69.65

Oracle Toolbox is a collection of PHP scripts that permit you to administer an Oracle database via your Web browser in a single interface.

Download Website Updated 22 Mar 2001 VAGRANT - VA Graphing/Analysis Toolkit

Pop 15.36
Vit 69.54

A graphing class that has one core graphing class and various wrapper classes that interface with image libraries. imlib2 and gd have stable wrappers written for them and shockwave (ming module for PHP) has an early alpha wrapper.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2001 See-Commerce

Pop 23.87
Vit 69.50

See-Commerce is a completely modular solution for e-commerce. See-Commerce is entirely written in PHP and based on MySQL. It is simple for beginners, and very complete for advanced developers. See-Commerce supports value-added taxes, special price lists, discounts, transport fees, and a very comfortable Windows-based client from which you can browse all your e-commerce databases, orders, clients, etc. See-Commerce is currently only available in Italian.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2001 Pagetool

Pop 17.03
Vit 69.05

Pagetool, designed using PHP and MySQL, is a Web content management program that allows people with limited technical skills to modify and contribute to an organization's Web site via a Web browser. It is designed to give maximum flexibility to Web designers.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2001 Directory Manager

Pop 26.38
Vit 69.05

Directory Manager is a tool for managing LDAP directory data. It includes a schema independant editor, a schema viewer, some pretty views of the data, and an easy way to create your own custom views.

Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2004 PHP SlashHeadlines Class

Pop 8.77
Vit 69.02

PHP SlashHeadlines Class is a class to grab headlines from the XML files offered by Slashdot. Incorporates caching to prevent repeated fetch calls.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2001 P3P Generator

Pop 33.32
Vit 68.97

P3P Generator (written in PHP) will generate the reference file, the individual policy XML files, the individual human-readable policy files, and the HTTP headers for the compact policies, as defined in the W3C standard.


Project Spotlight


Structure parameter inference approach for endocrine feedback control.


Project Spotlight


A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.