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Download Website Updated 17 May 2002 phpMyInventory

Pop 66.41
Vit 1.53

phpMyInventory is a Web-based hardware and software asset-management system that is designed to track all of the systems in your inventory. It allows users to add software and peripherals to a system, and systems to a user. It uses PHP and MySQL and is based on the Syslist.com system.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2007 phpMyLinks

Pop 25.92
Vit 1.74

phpMyLinks is a PHP script which manages HTTP URLs. You can quickly add, delete, or modify your HTTP links and follow any link in the alphabetical list to reach your destination.

Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2005 phpMyNewsLetter

Pop 102.76
Vit 2.71

phpMyNewsLetter is a mailing list management script written in PHP. The subscrition info is stored in a MySQL database. Its features include subscription checking to determine whether the subscriber is not already registered, welcome and farewell messages, and user-friendly administration allowing you to send messages, list the subscribers, and delete the subscribers. You can also send HTML email and view newsletter logs.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 phpNews

Pop 23.07
Vit 1.00

phpNews is a set of php scripts to enable a news site to store and access the news postings from a MySQL database.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 phPOP3

Pop 21.70
Vit 1.41

phPOP3 is a PHP layer for POP3. Through its API you can easily access POP3 email servers and read, delete, etc. email messages.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2001 phpOpenFormGenerator

Pop 33.82
Vit 2.29

phpOpenFormGen uses simple definitions to create a form out of PHP code. It is similar to OOH-Forms, a tool that comes with PHPlib. You can store multiple form definitions in one file and simply use the function to display it on screen. It includes server-side error-handling, multiple language support, string-length checking, and more.

Download Website Updated 01 Jul 2005 phpOpenTracker

Pop 384.64
Vit 8.38

phpOpenTracker is a framework solution for the analysis of Web site traffic and visitor behaviour. It features a logging engine that, either invoked as a Web bug by an HTML image tag or embedded with two lines of code into your PHP application, logs each request to a Web site into a database. One installation can track an arbitrary number of Web sites. Through its API, you can easily access the gathered data and perform complex operations on it (for instance, the analysis of your visitors' click paths).

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2011 phpPgAdmin

Pop 470.69
Vit 13.06

phpPgAdmin is a fully functional PHP-based administration package for PostgreSQL. It has all the basic functionality you need to completely administer a PosgreSQL server and/or database, including the ability to administer views, sequences, stored procedures, and triggers. Features include the ability to create and drop databases; create, copy, drop, and alter tables/views/sequences/functions/triggers; edit and add fields (to the extent Postgres allows); execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries; manage keys on fields; create and read dumps of database and tables; and administer one single database, multiple servers, and Postgres users/groups.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2012 PHProjekt

Pop 613.39
Vit 16.18

PHProjekt is an application suite that supports communication and management of teams and companies. It includes a group calendar, project management, a request tracker, and localization.

No download Website Updated 15 Mar 2001 phpSched

Pop 45.61
Vit 3.44

phpSched is an application for the creation and management of shift-based schedules. Current features include template creation, managing multiple departments, multiple shift types (regular shift, Supervisor shift, etc.), email notification, asking for or offering shifts, schedule publishing, and validation.


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