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No download No website Updated 25 Sep 2012 PIMF

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PIMF (Php Is My Framework) is a micro framework for PHP that emphasises minimalism and simplicity. It is based on proven design patterns and a fast object relational mapping mechanism, and is designed to be easily updated without having to rewrite your projects. It includes mechanisms for easily coupling controllers to ExtJs and Dojo.

Download No website Updated 04 Jul 2013 Config4all

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Config4all is a class that can load and parse configuration files in formats such as PHP scripts, XML, INI, and JSON. It can load multiple files at once with wildcards, and can get or set values.

Download No website Updated 22 Sep 2013 oGravatar

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oGravatar is a simple class that provides easy Gravatar integration. It handles image and profile requests.


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A minimalist JavaScript gallery.


Project Spotlight


A portable C implementation of the JBIG1 standard.