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No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2004 CuteSITE CMS

Pop 66.80
Vit 1.81

CuteSITE is an object oriented Web Content Management System for small- and medium-sized Web sites. With it, all Web sites consist of a number of objects and components. Objects can be folders, images, templates, strings, or custom organized objects (containers). The template language uses a common PHP script, and is highly efficient.

No download Website Updated 05 Dec 2003 KXParse

Pop 66.51
Vit 4.58

KXParse is a PHP-based, lightweight, easy-to-use XML parser. It does not require installation because it's just an include file that's loaded on the fly. It features an API that simplifies the process of reading files.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2008 SPAW Editor

Pop 66.48
Vit 3.10

SPAW Editor is a Web based in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor control enabling Web site developers to replace a standard textarea HTML control with full-featured, fully customizable, multilingual, skinable Web based WYSIWYG editor. It has a tabbed multi-document interface, floating/shared toolbars, a modular architecture, and many other exciting features.

No download Website Updated 05 Sep 2007 symfony

Pop 66.14
Vit 4.65

Symfony is a Web application framework for PHP5 projects. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of Web applications, and to replace repetitive coding tasks with power, control, and pleasure. It is compatible with almost every database system. In addition, it has a very small overhead. Using symfony is so natural and easy for people used to PHP and the design patterns of Internet applications that the learning curve is very low.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2007 ADOdb Lite

Pop 66.11
Vit 3.57

ADOdb Lite is a small, fast replacement for ADODB that uses 1/6th of the memory and is up to 300% faster, while being compatible with a subset of the most commonly used ADODB commands. It supports Frontbase, MaxDB, MiniSql, MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Sybase.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2007 Zip extension for PHP

Pop 65.88
Vit 5.51

The Zip extension for PHP aims to provide a convenient and powerful set of functionality to work with zip archives. It can read, write, and create zip archives. It also supports stream access to any archive entry. It is 100% compatible with the old versions of the extension (which were read-only).

Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2010 Tera-WURFL

Pop 65.83
Vit 4.96

Tera-WURFL is a PHP class that can identify the capabilities of mobile devices using the standardized Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL). This implementation uses the same methods as the stock PHP WURFL library, but significantly improves performance by storing the WURFL data in a database backend (currently only MySQL). You can use multiple patch files to override the capabilities in the WURFL file. Tera-WURFL is able to figure out if the client visiting your site is a wireless device or a desktop Web browser. Unlike other implementations of WURFL, Tera-WURFL includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface to allow you to update your WURFL file directly from the Internet, load the WURFL file, browse and clear the device cache, and more.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2013 DirectPOS-Payment for osCommerce

Pop 65.42
Vit 4.38

The DirectPOS-Payment for osCommerce project provides DirectPOS payment modules for osCommerce. It should also work for Postbank-Paysolution and Sparkassen-Internetkasse. Credit card and direct debit payment modules are implemented.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2003 SmartIRC

Pop 65.19
Vit 2.74

SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with IRC networks that conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC Protocol). It's an API that handles all IRC protocol messages. It is designed for creating IRC bots, chatrooms, and showing IRC related info on Web pages.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2006 ARSCIF

Pop 64.90
Vit 2.49

ARSCIF is a powerful framework that makes it trivial to use asynchronous remote-script callback invocation (AJAX) techniques. It helps the developer by working out problems such as data and character encoding, concurrency control, browser implementations, and so on, allowing the creation of pages with sophisticated, dynamic features.


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A utility for monitoring Unix system services.


Project Spotlight


A Web-based multi-terminal and SSH management tool.