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Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2007 PHP OpenID

Pop 79.13
Vit 3.11

The PHP OpenID library implements the OpenID decentralized identity system. It can be used to enable single-sign-on across Web applications. The library includes examples and different options for storage back-ends.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2009 Syck

Pop 78.69
Vit 4.71

Syck is a YAML parser library that is designed to load data into scripting languages. Extensions for Ruby, PHP, and Python are included.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2003 PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP

Pop 78.23
Vit 4.14

PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP is a custom session save handler for PHP4 that uses PostgreSQL as the session cache. This allows multiple Web servers to share a common session storage container, and is useful for allowing Web users to move between machines while maintaining their session state.

No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2006 Easy PHP Upload

Pop 78.23
Vit 2.87

Easy PHP Upload is a PHP upload class that can be used to upload files with a client browser to a remote Web server. It features the ability to upload multiple files, a file-extension check, a maximum file-size limitation, and a flexible error reporting system. The class is extremely easy to use and comes with full working examples. It is compatible with the PHP directive "register_globals=off".

Download No website Updated 06 Feb 2010 PHPLiveX

Pop 78.01
Vit 3.24

PHPLiveX is a lightweight PHP/JavaScript class library and framework that helps you enrich your PHP applications with AJAX. You may call your PHP functions in the same page via JavaScript without reloading the page, submit your forms, and send AJAX requests while passing any type of data. You may also upload files via AJAX with progress bars.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2005 FedEx Direct Connect

Pop 77.48
Vit 1.93

The FedEx Direct Connect PHP class has been developed to ease the integration efforts needed to bring FedEx shipping and tracking capabilities into your PHP applications. It will enable you to send SSL encrypted shipping, tracking, rate, and service availability transactions directly to FedEx's transaction servers. This class is intended to be used with FedEx's Ship Manager Direct API and can support all of its transactions.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2003 PHP ImageMagick Class

Pop 75.89
Vit 1.00

PHP ImageMagick Class makes it possible to process images in a very easy way. It allows you to retrieve image data, flip, dither, monochrome, negate, rotate, blur, draw frames, resize, square, crop, convert, and save.

Download Website Updated 12 Aug 2002 PC4P

Pop 75.25
Vit 2.81

PC4P (PDF Class for PHP) is a library of php-classes to speed up the creation of reports and letters with support for such things as tables, images, background-images, wordwrap, pagebreak, all kinds of text manipulations, and editing different pdf-pages simultaneously.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2008 MiniXML

Pop 75.02
Vit 3.60

MiniXML provides a simple API used to generate and parse XML. Its advantages are ease-of-use and the fact that no additional libraries are required. The set of classes allows developers to access XML data and create valid XML output with a tree-based hierarchy of elements. The PHP and Perl classes are independent and do not require any additional libraries.

Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2006 ffmpeg-php extension

Pop 74.67
Vit 3.84

ffmpeg-php is an extension for PHP that adds an easy to use object-oriented API for retrieving information from movies and audio files. It has methods for returning frames from movie files as images that can be manipulated using PHP's image functions. This works well for automatically creating thumbnail images from movie files. ffmpeg-php is also useful for reporting the duration and bitrate of audio files (mp3, wma...). ffmpeg-php can access many of the formats supported by ffmpeg.


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A utility for monitoring Unix system services.


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A Web-based multi-terminal and SSH management tool.