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No download Website Updated 04 Jan 2013 Bitvec

Pop 12.33
Vit 22.62

Bitvec is a PHP implementation of bit vectors using SplFixedArray for economy of storage.

No download Website Updated 05 Dec 2011 Wolf Software Catalan Number Class

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Vit 30.10

Wolf Software Catalan Number Class is a simple class for calculating a Catalan number series. In combinatorial mathematics, the Catalan numbers form a sequence of natural numbers which occur in various counting problems, often involving recursively-defined objects. They are named after the Belgian mathematician Eugene Charles Catalan.

No download Website Updated 27 Jan 2012 Wolf Software GeoIP Class

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Vit 1.04

Wolf Software GeoIP Class is a simple class which attempts to get the geographical location for a given IP address.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2011 Wolf Software Banner Class

Pop 11.87
Vit 30.39

Wolf Software Banner Class is a PHP implementation of the Unix figlet program.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2011 Wolf Software Whois Class

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Vit 30.39

Wolf Software Whois Class is a lightweight, but complete whois lookup class with a built-in bulk lookup function.

Download No website Updated 13 Jul 2011 PHPSandbox

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Vit 1.43

PHPSandbox is a way to run PHP includes as separate processes. It provides protection to your outer scripts from errors, crashes, slow scripts, or user generated/provided PHP from doing things that are probably best not run in your code.

No download Website Updated 04 Jan 2013 PalmDesktop

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Vit 22.61

PalmDesktop is a PHP class which parses Palm Desktop calendar, address, and memo files and exports them to the XML and IMC formats (iCalendar, vCard).

No download No website Updated 31 Oct 2011 Wolf Software LDAP Auth Group PHP Class

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Vit 34.51

LDAP Auth Group is a simple lightweight PHP extension class for LDAP Auth. It allows you to authenticate users and also verify that they are within a specific group. It works for both LDAP (OpenLDAP) and also Active Directory.

No download Website Updated 21 Nov 2011 Wolf Software Astrological Class

Pop 11.45
Vit 30.34

Wolf Software Astrological Class is a simple astrological class which includes sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and Easter.

No download Website Updated 24 Sep 2012 PHP Array Search

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Vit 24.78

PHP Array Search provides array searching by the wildcard "%", just like SQL queries.


Project Spotlight


A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.


Project Spotlight


A barebones Napster client written in Tcl/Tk.